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Empower Agents of Change in Your Contact Center
  Agents have the power to transform customer experience if you equip them with the speed, skills, and focus they need to deliver exceptional service during every interaction and across every channel,... Read More

#ICMIchat Rundown: Promoting Positive Perspectives
  On the most recent #ICMIchat conversation on Twitter, contact center and customer experience professionals joined forces to explore what it takes to promote positivity in the contact center. Participants weighed in... Read More

A Skill Isn’t "Soft" If You Use It All the Time in a Contact Center
  I hate the term “soft skills” and want everyone to stop using it. Right now. It’s vague, it’s dismissive, and it pits “soft” skills against “hard” ones when we know customer... Read More

Insights from #ICMIchat
  Each Tuesday, ICMI hosts #ICMIchat on Twitter - it’s a chance for contact center professionals to crowdsource ideas for providing great customer service and smooth operations. The Twitter chat is hosted... Read More

#ICMIChat Prep: Promoting Positive Perspectives
Your attitude can affect everything from the quality of your work to how you communicate with others. It might even make a difference in how you feel at the end of a... Read More

10 Things to Look Forward to at ICMI Contact Center Expo 2020
  The February 21 early-bird deadline for the ICMI Contact Center Expo is quickly approaching! With this in mind, we thought it might be motivational to share some of the great things that... Read More

Meet the 2020 ICMI Featured Contributors
In 2018, we launched the ICMI Featured Contributor program. Each year since, a new roster of featured experts, from a variety of backgrounds, have shared their knowledge to help ICMI educate, inspire,... Read More

Make Your 2020 Resolutions Come True...Right Now!
The beginning of a new year is a great time to reflect on accomplishments of the past and energize ourselves for future pursuits. It's an ambitious-minded time of year for many of... Read More

ICMI's Top 50 Thought Leaders to Follow on Twitter in 2020
For six years running, ICMI has compiled a list of the top 50 thought leaders to follow on Twitter. Last month, we asked members of our community to nominate their favorite thought... Read More

Transformative Training: How to Foster Learning for Contact Center Teams
As an '80s kid, I remember watching the Transformers Generation 1 cartoons and thinking how cool it would be to be able to transform into a vehicle or weapon and save the... Read More

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