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Contact Center Agents: From Heroes to Superheroes
  They’re on the front lines every day, charged with managing (sometimes angry) customers, solving complex problems, and juggling multiple systems. They’re asked to be brand ambassadors,responsible for building long-term loyalty by... Read More

Three Fun Ways to Help Your Contact Center Workforce Understand The Importance of Schedule Adherence
   As workforce management professionals, we all know the difference that just one agent can make in our net staffing, and that’s true no matter how large our organization may be. Unfortunately,... Read More

Six Ways to Improve Productivity
  If you can get more out of your team, it can improve profits and strengthen your organization. Conversely, if you have a productivity problem, every aspect of your business can be... Read More

Our People Are Our Future
A few years back, an agent asked me during a busy lunch shift if they could get a glass of water. Yes, you read that right - they asked me if they... Read More

Turning Millennials and Digital Natives into Business Leaders
Millennials and digital natives are the two youngest generations in the workplace. But it’s important for companies to take steps now to prepare themselves for the future and turn those in these... Read More

The Immediate ROI of Proactive Staffing
A study by MIT found that retailers are leaving money on the table due to an inability to optimize staffing. With labor one of the largest costs and stores characterized by volatile... Read More

How Engagement Is the Path to ROI Growth
Leading global college admissions agency CollegeWise has experienced an employee retention rate of nearly 100% in each of the past four years – a far cry from the average annual turnover rate... Read More

My Very Own Crystal Ball: The Four Must-Have Writing Skills for Customer Service Agents of the Future
The future is unknowable and people who gaze at crystal balls to predict it are probably crooks, not clairvoyants. In spite of that, I’m going to have a go at predicting a... Read More

Leadership – and Thinking Differently – in the Contact Center Industry
What qualities do you find valuable in leadership? Humility, influence, and integrity. When people lead with humility, they acknowledge they don’t have all the answers. They take time to listen to the people... Read More

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