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Spotlight on Excellence: Meet Ashely Trout, 2019 Best Contact Center Supervisor
For nearly a decade, ICMI has recognized outstanding contact center supervisors through the ICMI Global Contact Center Awards program. Candidates in this category must directly supervise frontline customer service agents, and meet... Read More

How to Recruit and Retain Customer-Centric Employees
In many organizations, the teams supporting customers typically recruit more often than any other department. Continually hiring can be challenging. The process of finding the right employees capable of doing the job,... Read More

Why Team Leaders Are Your Most Important Culture Coaches
Creating a purposeful, positive, productive work culture in your call center is a big job - and a critically important task. The benefits of a vibrant, fun, healthy work culture are significant.... Read More

6 Tips for Approaching Employee Retention More Proactively
Research indicates that attrition rates rise during periods of organizational change. It’s one of the things that keeps plenty of contact center leaders up at night. Yet, most of us are still... Read More

Tips for Improving Contact Center Culture
Business guru Peter Drucker's famous quote, "Culture eats strategy for breakfast," has been floating around LinkedIn and in CEO circles for years. In the contact center world, leaders and stakeholders are well-aware... Read More

Boost Morale by Giving Every Agent an Automated Manager
Fifty-two percent of contact center staff believe their company isn’t doing enough to prevent their teams from burning out. Unfortunately, the center environment causes burnout and can seem impossible to address. For... Read More

7 Tips for Addressing Burnout at Work
Burnout is on the rise, and now a recognized medical condition according to the World Health Organization. What can we, as contact center professionals, do to address the situation? Here are a... Read More

Help Agents Manage Emotions During Difficult Customer Interactions
Let’s face it. The customer isn’t always right. Sometimes they’re not only wrong, but also nasty and loud. How do you help your agents manage their own emotions during these difficult customer... Read More

Good Help is Harder to Keep: Retaining Top-Performers
Admit it! Working in a contact center isn't always exciting, and when it is... that's not necessarily good. Contact Center Agent also isn't a title near the top of most fourth graders'... Read More

Tips for Coping with Stress at Work
You're running fast through the forest. Sweat drips off your forehead, heart wildly beating as your eyes dart around to make sure you don't run into a branch or trip over a... Read More

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