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Practical Ways to Boost Agent Morale
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What Contact Center Agents and Runners Have in Common
Working in a contact center is a lot more like running than you might think. The demands placed on contact center agents can often make it feel like you and your team... Read More

Employers: Tell Us About Yourself
"Why do you want this job?" It's a bad cliché of the interview process. By now, every candidate should know "I need money" isn't the best way to answer that question. Most... Read More

Hiring for Culture: There Should Be No Surprises on Day One
Picture Adam Sandler in The Wedding Singer when his ex-fiancee explained why she left him at the altar the day after their wedding. His response was, “Jeez, you know, that information might... Read More

6 Ways to Improve the Employee Experience and Boost Engagement
Employee engagement is a hot topic in contact centers and all other industries, with leaders struggling to motivate and sometimes retain top talent. Far too often though when the results of the... Read More

Making Strides Towards a Culture of Civility
Negative behaviors like bullying, harassment, and violence can occur in any organization, in any industry. I have worked with universities, banks, restaurants, insurance companies, and more, but one industry really hits home... Read More

How to Encourage More Ideas from Your Team
Ask these questions to inspire better problem solving Your agents know how to improve the customer experience, streamline the training, and make your tools 100% easier to use. And yet, this is... Read More

5 Things Call Center Employees Wish Customers Knew About Their Job
There are plenty of misconceptions about life in the contact center. This week during #ICMIchat we decided to flip the script on careers in customer service. Participants shared lessons they've learned during... Read More

Five Ideas for Motivating Millennials
I recently counseled with a supervisor who described a challenge he had faced. He inherited a Millennial inside sales agent who had a history of consistently poor sales performance.  After trying several... Read More

5 Proven Ways to Improve Your Contact Center Culture
How healthy is your contact center’s work culture? If you’re like most leaders, you’ve never been asked to manage the quality of your culture proactively. It’s not part of your job description.... Read More

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