Own the Moments! Understanding the Customer Journey
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Own the Moments! Understanding the Customer Journey

Own the Moments!

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As the complexity of the contact center heightens, the leaders responsible for identifying, implementing, measuring, and enabling factors for success face what can sometimes seem as impossible odds. The number of channels to serve is on the increase, while customer tolerance to holding is on the decrease. Contact centers are expected to serve in more places, with faster response time and greater accuracy.

In late 2014, the International Customer Management Institute (ICMI) and LiveOps launched the “Customer Journey Impact” survey to better understand which moments of the customer journey are most important. The goal was to determine what contact centers are doing today to either enable or disable great customer experiences from happening in their own organizations.

This research, along with other current ICMI data, will provide contact center professionals the ingredients that they need to “Own the Moments” in 2015.  To truly be best in class, organizations must effectively leverage their talent, technology, and metrics to proactively anticipate and fulfill customer needs and expectations.


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