Is agent adherence so bad that you feel like you need to time your agents' bathroom breaks?
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Is agent adherence so bad that you feel like you need to time your agents' bathroom breaks?

Adherence is a top challenge in the contact center. When a Norwegian call center made headlines for timing its agent's breaks, ICMI polled our audience to find out is this was a common practice. 19% replied that their agents - and adherence - were in check. But, 26% of respondents know that agents are spending too much time away from their desks and a whopping 54% acknowledged the root of adherence issues in the contact center has little to do with the length of your employees' bathroom breaks. The next question is: what are you doing to improve your adherence issues?

For more of ICMI's findings on adherence issues and solutions download the whitepaper Getting the Right People in the Right Place at the Right Time for a Better Customer Experience: Changing the Way Contact Centers Look at the Critical Challenge of Agent Adherence

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