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Are You Running Your Contact Center on Fake News?

Think alternative truths don't affect you?  If you're like many contact centers, you may be operating your centers on misleading metrics. A recent insurance client of mine was confounded with overly negative... Read More

Gain a Deeper Understanding of Your Contact Center KPIs

A macro view of what a contact center does and what makes it work well are often viewed as straightforward. Agents handle interactions to serve the business, right? While this is a... Read More

The Link Between Customer Satisfaction and First Contact Resolution

Customers tend to be impatient when they want service. It doesn’t matter if they are calling their bank or their cable company. They want a resolution to their problem or an answer... Read More

Tighten Up Your AHT Projections

Average handling time, like the volume of contacts, must be incorporated into planning by the half hour. Assuming the same average handling time all day for forecasting purposes will not reflect the... Read More

Rethinking Traditional Contact Center Quality Monitoring

Throughout my contact center career, I have seen trends come and go. Some trends seem to last forever while some seem to stick around far longer than they should. These are the... Read More

The Measures Every Contact Center Should Have

These key categories of measures and objective are as important for Facebook and Twitter interactions as they are for traditional contact channels. Establishing the right measures and objectives is one of the... Read More

Introducing New Metrics? Don't Fall Victim to These 3 Pitfalls

In a contact center, business changes constantly. Customer expectations change. Technology certainly changes. Job expectations change. But have your metrics changed? If your organization is like many others, metrics tend to fall... Read More

Practical Ways to Boost Customer and Employee Satisfaction

In my early days as a contact center leader, I was obsessed with metrics. In my defense, metrics were the primary way to evaluate my success in the role. I measured everything!... Read More

Training Metrics that Matter

In my spare time, I am a cookie artist. I spend many hours combining flavors in my quest to create the ultimate flavors. After each attempt at cookie awesomeness, I evaluate the... Read More

4 Omnichannel Metrics to Add to Your Dashboard

In the contact center industry, every organization wants to be data-driven. As a customer-facing company, having the numbers and metrics to support your business value is essential. But what we often have... Read More

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