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7 Ways to Make Contact Center Training More Fun

According to ICMI research, training is a top challenge for members of the contact center community. Many teams struggle to find the time and budget for effective training and making sessions fun... Read More

5 Ways Accelerated Learning Can Improve New Hire Training

You’ve just hired a full class of agents who carry with them the promise to provide memorable service at your contact center. But how do you accomplish this goal? The process of... Read More

What Hip Hop Taught Me About Leadership Communication

Communication is one of the foundational pieces that shapes the culture of a team, for better or worse. And good intentions aren’t good enough if you want a healthy culture built on... Read More

Tips for Improving Your Communication Skills

Strong communication skills are an essential life skill. Communication impacts business success, personal relationships, and more. Are your agents equipped to communicate clearly with customers? Is interpersonal communication a challenge for you,... Read More

What Are Your Dragons? Learn How to Tackle the Difficult Things

Nobody dared go near the tower. A fearsome dragon sat on its top. Until one day a knight rode up. “Do you need help to get down?” “Please.”        -from Twitter, @MicroSF,... Read More

Leading without a Leadership Title

Your organization’s next leader could come from anywhere. In fact, regardless of their title, or position in the organizational chart, your institution has leaders throughout the company.  These colleagues are often respected... Read More

Introducing ICMI's 2018 Featured Contributors

Late last year, we issued a call for icmi.com contributors. We were looking for experts from a variety of backgrounds to help us educate, inspire, and shape the contact center industry. We’re... Read More

Coaching a Struggling Team

As a community, we talked a lot about coaching late last year. How does it differ from quality monitoring? Who should be doing it, and how? When is it better to coach... Read More

Trust Destructors: The Top 5 Ways to Ruin Engagement with Your Coaching Practices

One of the greatest ways we build trust with employees is through review and discussion of their work performance.  Our fairness, honesty, courage, and advocacy during coaching contributes to our credibility, which... Read More

Tips to Help You Improve the Hiring Process in 2018

Late last year we surveyed the ICMI community and asked contact center leaders to share their top challenges. Overwhelmingly, hiring & training was #1. And at ICMI's Training Symposium in Orlando last... Read More

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