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The Conceptual Age and Right Brain Skills

One of the concepts Daniel Pink writes about in his books is a new term he has coined called the “Conceptual Age.” According to Pink, three catalysts are responsible for the era... Read More

Answers to 7 Burning Contact Center Questions

You asked. We delivered. Watch this short #ICMIchat recap video for answers to the following contact center questions: How can trainers influence executive leadership to realize the importance of training and make... Read More

How to Transform Managers into Coaches

Customer service managers juggle a lot of roles and responsibilities in their day-to-day. While all of these roles are important to team success, effective coaching is absolutely crucial to leading and developing... Read More

Making Scripts Understandable Is as Easy as A-E-I-O-U

The caller is onboard. The customer service representative (CSR) is onboard. And it's your job to roll out a script that delivers answers in plain language. The beginning is the easy part:... Read More

Reflect to Cement Everyday Learning

At ICMI, after every conference or symposium, the team will get together to go over what happened at the event and think of ways we can improve the next one. We do... Read More

Tips for Training Outsourced Agents

On the go? Prefer to listen instead of read? Click the button below to hear us read this article.   The magic of an ICMI event reminds us that many of the... Read More

5 Coaching Techniques That Will Move the Needle

No time to read? On the go? Click the button below to listen to us read this article. While I've certainly had my share of coaching conversations in my career while working... Read More

10 Knowledge Management Best Practices That Lead to Success

How can you use knowledge to better support your customers and how would you know if you were successful in achieving that goal?   In this article, I am sharing some of... Read More

Want to Reduce Turnover? Develop to Retain

On the go? No time to read? You can listen to us read this article by clicking "play" below. Be sure to subscribe to us on SoundCloud for more free resources. Contact... Read More

Training Agents to Handle Difficult Interactions

Ah, the life of a call center agent. It's a cushy job, right? Agents talk to customers on the phone and punch some information into a keyboard. Easy enough! But wait a... Read More

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