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Training Agents to Handle Difficult Interactions

Ah, the life of a call center agent. It's a cushy job, right? Agents talk to customers on the phone and punch some information into a keyboard. Easy enough! But wait a... Read More

How to Make the Most of Your Time at #CCExpo

Will you be joining us next week in Orlando for ICMI Contact Center Expo? Here are a few quick tips to help you make the most of the experience! One final tip:... Read More

Using Improv Techniques for Contact Center Training

For many new agents, the scariest and most challenging part of a new contact center job is the unknown - not knowing what kind of call is next in the queue, and... Read More

8 Tips for Developing Influence

Need to build consensus for a new initiative? Need help getting budget approval for a technology upgrade? There's an element of office politics involved with any job, and pushing forward your agenda... Read More

Rethinking Traditional Contact Center Quality Monitoring

Throughout my contact center career, I have seen trends come and go. Some trends seem to last forever while some seem to stick around far longer than they should. These are the... Read More

3 Ways to Drive Effortless Employee Learning Experiences

Just as Dixon, Toman, and DeLisi defined the need to deliver 'Effortless Customer Experiences' in 2013, we have a similar obligation to deliver 'Effortless Employee Learning Experiences!' If it's too hard for... Read More

The Measures Every Contact Center Should Have

These key categories of measures and objective are as important for Facebook and Twitter interactions as they are for traditional contact channels. Establishing the right measures and objectives is one of the... Read More

How to Help Agents Develop Leadership Skills

Employee turnover is a top challenge for many organizations, but attrition is especially prevalent in contact centers. So, when your business is volatile and growing at a breakneck pace, how do you... Read More

10 Tips for Networking Like a Rock Star

Event season is here, and we’re thrilled to welcome many of you to Orlando this May for ICMI Contact Center Expo. Have you started planning your agenda? One of the biggest benefits... Read More

Training Metrics that Matter

In my spare time, I am a cookie artist. I spend many hours combining flavors in my quest to create the ultimate flavors. After each attempt at cookie awesomeness, I evaluate the... Read More

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