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3 Ways to Make Time for Ongoing Agent Training

Time is money. We’ve all heard—and likely said—this phrase hundreds of times. While there’s no denying that time is a valuable resource, this mantra rings especially true for customer service managers. In... Read More

4 Ways to Encourage Creativity in the Contact Center

During #ICMIchat this week, guest host Dr. Debra Bentson led participants on a journey to Amity Island. Inspired by Shark Week, she pulled out scenes from the movie Jaws and related them... Read More

Now Accepting Nominations for the First Annual ICMI Movers and Shakers List

ICMI needs your help identifying emerging leaders and innovators in the customer experience and contact center space. We want to shine a light on the hardworking, creative individuals who are inspiring excellence,... Read More

9 Ways to Instill Confidence in New Contact Center Agents

Starting a new job can be scary for anyone, but taking the first unsupervised call as a new contact center agent is particularly stressful. With so many unknowns and so many systems... Read More

Customer Experience: What's Humanity Got to Do with it?!

Despite all our collective emphasis on customer experience, culturally, and via systems that drive more customer intel to Customer Service Reps (CSRs) so they can deliver improved Customer Experience (CX), I'm still... Read More

How to Deliver Consistent Customer Experiences

If you had to list your top frustration in calling contact centers, what comes to mind? For me, it's a tie between hearing that something "probably" or "should" happen and getting different... Read More

Management Skills Contact Center Supervisors Need to Succeed

Too often, managers promote their best agents to be supervisors without equipping them with vital new leadership skills that will determine their success in their new job role. What are some of... Read More

How to Create a Modern Contact Center Professional Learner's Toolkit

The demands of a contact center professional often leave limited time for personal and professional development. Jane Hart's blog, "Learning in the Modern Workplace," introduced me to a strategy that allows me... Read More

The Conceptual Age and Right Brain Skills

One of the concepts Daniel Pink writes about in his books is a new term he has coined called the “Conceptual Age.” According to Pink, three catalysts are responsible for the era... Read More

Answers to 7 Burning Contact Center Questions

You asked. We delivered. Watch this short #ICMIchat recap video for answers to the following contact center questions: How can trainers influence executive leadership to realize the importance of training and make... Read More

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