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Must Reads for New Contact Center Leaders

I’m actually a little embarrassed to admit that as a contact center leader at a small SAAS start up, I “got by” for a long time on common sense. I remember times... Read More

Coaching as Critical Reinforcement to Self-Directed Learning

Contact center coaching is usually focused on improving performance but is often too directive; coaches are typically promoted from within and know how to do the job themselves, but haven't had any... Read More

Four Contact Center Training Trends

Many training conferences happen in the fall, and they are always followed by lots of blog posts reflecting on what people learned. In reading one this morning, the author was blown away... Read More

Six Steps to Emotional Intelligence

As a customer service pro, picking up on customer cues is the key to your success. But how can you really know what the customer is thinking - or feeling? Are you... Read More

How to Conduct Effective Training Evaluations

Mention “training evaluations, ” and most training professionals will pass right on by. Don’t get me wrong, trainers crave performance feedback and look for ways to improve our work, but many evaluation... Read More

Using DiSC to Enhance the Customer and Agent Experience

There are a plethora of training options available to service leaders who are looking to enhance the communication skills of their agents.  Having had exposure to many of these, DiSC is my... Read More

Millennial View: Finding a Friend in Feedback

We’ve all heard it—Millennials thirst for constant feedback. We’re narcissists who need continual reaffirmation that we’re doing a good job at work. Managers dread hiring Millennial employees due to the amount of... Read More

Improve Your Contact Center Through Agent Training and Development

Organizations that understand the real value of professional development, culture, innovation, and creativity, also recognize the importance of continuously educating their employees. These businesses are the ones that will be better positioned... Read More

Last Minute Tips to Help You Prepare for #CCDemo

Are you joining us in Las Vegas for ICMI Contact Center Demo? As you're packing this weekend, here are a few last minute tips to consider. Make sure you review the full... Read More

5 Ways to Make Learning More Memorable

You spent 30 minutes going over a concept or process in refresher training or in a team huddle, and a week later, a team member says, “We didn’t go over that” or... Read More

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