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ICMI Launches E-Learning Solution for Call Center Certification Training

Announced at ACCE 2013, taking place May 13-16 in Seattle, WA

Seattle, WA --- May 14, 2013 -- The International Customer Management Institute (ICMI) today announced the launch of Certification Central, a new e-learning solution to provide mastery-level call center certification in a completely online, on-demand environment.

This solution offers call center professionals the ability to:

  • Train at any time, day or night- from home, work, and on the road
  • Test their comprehension in real-time
  • Engage with peers through forums, and directly access certified instructors
  • View and understand their progress through the certification process in comparison to peers

Organizations currently employing Certification Central include American Express, American Water, Bayer, Bright House Networks, H&R Block, and Starbucks.

“Our call center management community has long been requesting self-paced training for our industry-recognized certification program,” said Joy Sobhani, Professional Services Director for ICMI. “We're thrilled to provide this dynamic, interactive and completely online solution to customer service professionals.”

Customer Management professionals interested in learning more about ICMI’s professional certification program can visit www.icmi.com/icmicertification.


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