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People Management For Supervisors

People Management course tagline
Course Description

Boost agent retention and productivity by mastering the skills you need to hire and manage a fully engaged team of people who are working at their full potential.

Whether you are a first-time supervisor or a seasoned pro, ICMI’s People Management course will prepare you to implement the key principles of management that will have a direct impact on agent engagement and retention. You'll learn how to blend agents into a successful team, and develop critical management and communication tools for making decisions and solving problems in a team setting.


Course Outline

Module 1 Interviewing and Onboarding

  • Causes of new hire failure
  • The Interviewer’s job
  • Interviewing best practices
  • Onboarding best practices
  • New hire training best practices
  • Best practices for transitioning to production

Module 2 Motivation and Retention

  • Why engagement is important
  • Engagement continuum
  • Keeping employees engaged
  • Engaging Remote Employees
  • The importance of trust and how to build it with direct reports, including remote employees
  • A multi-layered approach to retaining employees
  • Conducting stay interviews

Module 3 Communication

  • The distracted boss
  • RASA model for listening
  • How to speak so that people want to listen
  • Creating clear communication guidelines, including remote employees
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Meetings
  • Generations and words that resonant with each
  • Email guidelines

Module 4Managing Teams

  • Definition of a team and the four stages of team formation
  • Team building tips
  • Managing remote teams
  • Types of supervisory conversations
  • Conducting disciplinary conversations
  • 5-step process for managing conflict

Module 5 Time Management

  • Benefits of good time management
  • Event control
  • Benefits of good time management
  • Write effective goals
  • Use a quadrant to prioritize tasks
  • Use a time log to analyze and evaluate tasks
  • Manage interruptions, paperwork and meetings
  • Conquer procrastination

Module 6 Stress and Change Management

  • Defining stress and its benefits
  • Debunking 6 myths about stress
  • Top workplace stressors
  • How leaders escalate stress
  • The roles of perception and resilience
  • Managing team stress
  • Managing individual stress
  • Phases of change and how to manage in each phase

Who Should AttendSupervisors and front-line-managers

What You Will Learn
  • Interviewing and onboarding, so you are skilled at choosing the right people and getting them on the team quickly
  • Engaging, motivating, and retaining agents, so you have the tools to maximize productivity and control attrition
  • Communicating, so you know the most effective ways to communicate one-on-one and with the team, whether face-to-face, during meetings or via email
  • Building and managing teams, so you can recognize how a team forms and how to manage your team’s work and productivity style
  • Managing your time, so you have time to do the things that count the most and know how and when to delegate
  • Controlling stress for yourself and your team

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Course Duration: 1 Day

This is a 1 day instructor-led course delivered by ICMI Certified Associates. If you have questions about which course is right for you, an ICMI Account Manager is available to help. Complete the Request Information form to speak with your Account Manager.


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