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Call Center Resources & Insight

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Six Metrics Which Matter for Measuring Contact Center Agents
Teams who work toward a clear, shared set of service KPIs are more engaged and productive on the job, but about 80% of employees feel like they can’t actually impact their performance... Read More

How to Uncover Metrics That Matter
If you want to know whether you are measuring the right key performance indicators (KPIs), stop distributing your KPI reports and wait to see if anyone, whether they are business partners, other... Read More

This Halloween, it’s Time to Bury AHT
Average handling time is one of the most common and longstanding metrics used in call centers. Unlike terms such as customer experience, AHT is easy to calculate, easy to understand and explain,... Read More

How to Calibrate your Contact Center's Quality Management Program
Calibration sessions - where individuals from the contact center get together, review and evaluate customer contacts to ensure alignment, consistency, and fairness within the contact center - are important events in the... Read More

Avoid These Quality Management Pitfalls
Most contact centers pour significant time, money, and resources into evaluating mountains of customer interactions - only to be derailed by undetected program pitfalls. Keep reading to learn more about how to... Read More

Today's Metrics: What's on Your Dashboard | #ICMIchat Rundown (July 14, 2020)
If you're a fan of business reality TV shows like Bar Rescue, The Profit, or Shark Tank, you've heard the now-old cliche, "know your numbers!" This advice resonates even more loudly in... Read More

Get Agent Buy-In for Your Contact Center's Quality Management Program
When I ask clients to share their (quality management) QM program goals, I usually hear standard customer-and company-centric goals like: “We want to increase quality, improve agent performance, and shape a great... Read More

Three Essential Quality Management Metrics for Contact Centers
I’ve seen a lot of quality management metrics on a lot of dashboards, and with few exceptions, most are tracking similar items. What separates high-performing teams and contact centers is their ability... Read More

How Quality and Service Level Work Together
The following is an excerpt from the fourth edition of Contact Center Management on Fast Forward: Succeeding in a New Era of Customer Experience (ICMI, 2019).  Quality and service level are inextricably... Read More

10 Tips to Set KPIs to Align with Your Company’s Goals
We are surrounded in our day-to-day world by metrics and measurements that track how we are doing, from the gauge in our cars that ensures we aren't speeding to the number on... Read More

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