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Call Center and Contact Center Resources

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Why Your Contact Center Might Need a Balanced Scorecard
This month, we're featuring the contributions of the 2022 ICMI Thought Leaders and Featured Contributors. These leaders in the contact center industry regularly take time out to share knowledge to help their peers succeed. Jeff... Read More

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What Metric is the Most Important at the Contact Center?
No matter how much everyone wants to see the big picture of customer service, each team has a metric that they tend to use as a north star for their business. We... Read More

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Why Average Handle Time Matters
Many years ago, an agent who I had trained needed to vent to me about the Average Handle Time (AHT) target. We both worked in the retention group for a large telecom... Read More

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Tackling Transferred Calls Through Your Agent Scorecard
A primary goal of contact center managers is to balance the cost of service delivery against service quality. For example, a classic decision is picking the contact center staffing level. The lower... Read More

Article -
The Whack-a-Mole of QA and CSAT Scores
Quality Assurance (QA) and Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) scores are almost always at the top of a contact center’s “most important” measurements list for CX success. Both metrics are designed to improve the... Read More

Article -
Is Average Speed of Answer (ASA) a Good Metric?
Many contact centers are currently understaffed—the result of staff turnover, growing workloads, and other challenges related to the pandemic. As a result, many managers have turned to average speed of answer (ASA)... Read More

Article -
The 5 Metrics that Matter Most at Our Contact Center
When I first began working in the contact center, the many ways we keep track of and measure employee performance shocked me. Average Hold Time Abandoned Calls Total Talk Time Refund to... Read More

Article -
Best of ICMI in 2021 - #1: The Metric of Cost Per Contact
Best of ICMI in 2021 - #1  Each month, MetricNet highlights one Key Performance Indicator (KPI). We define the KPI, provide recent benchmarking data for the metric, and discuss key correlations and... Read More

Article -
How and Why You Should Measure Contact Center Agent Job Satisfaction
Each month, MetricNet highlights one Key Performance Indicator for the contact center or service desk. We define the KPI, provide recent benchmarking data for the metric, and discuss key correlations and cause-and-effect... Read More

Article -
“Set Your Career Path on What Gives You Energy.”
Each month, we’re featuring a member of ICMI’s Strategic Advisory Board. This group of industry thought leaders, practitioners, and solution providers helps ICMI keep tabs on customer insights and contact center market... Read More

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