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Five Tips to Successfully Integrate Chatbots in Customer Service
I think the first time I spoke about the future of AI and chatbots was the ICMI conference in 2015. The slide read, “The future as we see it: Chat, social media,... Read More

A Best Practice Framework for A Successful Contact Center Agent at Home Strategy
Sponsored post:  As the world continues to adapt to the impacts of the recent crisis, organizations and employees alike must adjust to a reality that is both more fluid as well as... Read More

A Cloud Foundation Enables a Contact Center Work From Home Strategy
Sponsored post: Clearly in the last few months, contact centers were focused on ensuring the safety of their employees by moving everyone to work from home very quickly, while trying to keep... Read More

Don’t Let Your Business Get Labeled as Spammers by New Regulations
 I was enjoying a wonderful night out the other evening when my cell phone buzzed with an unfamiliar number. My cell indicated “possible spam” so I let it go to voicemail, figuring... Read More

What You Can Do In One Hour to Enhance Your Self-Service
  Sponsored post  Customers are visiting FAQ pages more frequently, signing into customer portals regularly, and reaching out across all channels for help in navigating the uncertainty during the pandemic. As your... Read More

How to Prepare for a Video Conference Interview
  Are you preparing for an upcoming video conference call with a hiring manager? As remote and mobile working become more popular, companies are increasingly turning to video conferencing tools as a... Read More

2020 Vision: Contact Center Trends to Watch
Read More

Don't Let It Go Unused: Getting the Most Out of Your Existing Technology
It happens to the best of us. As we vet options, we become enamored by the bells and whistles and cool functionality that a technology product can deliver. Then, we go through... Read More

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