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How Some Automation Can Help Contact Centers During Uncertainty
With vaccination programs rolling out across the world, employers everywhere have been wrestling with the conundrum of how to keep staff safe, whether or not to offer hybrid work, and when exactly... Read More

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AI in the Contact Center: What Can Go Right and What Can Go Wrong
AI is seen by many in the general public and media as being used to oust humans from their employment. A survey of over 200 US businesses for ContactBabel’s “Inner Circle Guide... Read More

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Use Tech to Improve the Authentication Process
“These aren’t the droids you’re looking for.” – Obi-Wan Kenobi  When I first contemplated writing about the importance of identity verification, this iconic scene from Star Wars: A New Hope came to... Read More

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Your Chatbot Needs Better Small Talk
If you work in customer care, you’ve been talking about chatbots for about a decade. Your organization may have been using a chatbot for almost that long. You’ve heard or participated in... Read More

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How to Create a Cybersecurity Risk Assessment
This article was first published on HDI. In the wake of many recent high-profile breaches, many multinational companies are redirecting their energies to fighting cybercrime at a systemic level. Globally, companies are... Read More

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Introducing Cloud Contact Center, Enterprise Style
This article was first published in no jitter   Ten years ago, when the contact center industry started talking seriously about the cloud being the inevitable “next step” in application architecture, there... Read More

Article -
Why We Fall Short When it Comes to IT Security
This article first appeared in HDI.  It seems like we have been hearing about security breaches resulting in the loss of thousands of peoples’ personal identifying information and ransomware attacks for years,... Read More

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What War Games Taught Me About AI and Chatbots
The pandemic has pushed many of us to up our TV-watching game, and for me that means revisiting old movies. Recently, my channel-surfing led me to War Games, a 1983 classic starring... Read More

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