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Call Center and Contact Center Resources

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What are the Tech Skills Needed for Contact Center Success?
Each month, we ask contact center and customer service thought leaders to weigh in on important questions that impact the contact center industry. Here is this month’s question: To excel at customer... Read More

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3 Technologies Poised to Disrupt Knowledge Management
Knowledge management (KM) has two key components - the delivery side, which is agent and customer facing, and the editorial side for managing content, including archiving, versioning, languages, and formatting. The editorial... Read More

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Can Agents Get Work Done Between Customer Contacts?
I know, I know. It’s busy out there. The demand for agent-assisted service is relentless (wasn’t that AI-driven chatbot going to reduce workload?). Your team is juggling customer workload across channels—phone, chat,... Read More

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Advice for Contact Centers in Dealing with Bot Customers
The contact center industry is constantly evolving, and that’s why we rely on the support of peers to help us stay on top of things. Each month, ICMI asks contact center thought... Read More

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What Generative AI Can and Can’t Do for Customer Service Today
Generative AI has taken the world by storm, with ChatGPT reaching over one million users in a mere five days without any advertising campaign or spend. There is no shortage of predictions... Read More

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Telemarketing Fraud Presents an Unacceptable Risk to Businesses
A fuller version of this article originally appeared in No Jitter, a partner publication. For consumers, telemarketing may only be a nuisance, but wearing our various industry hats, there’s a much bigger... Read More

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Intelligent Automation Will Help Contact Centers Weather Turbulent Times
I recently participated in a webinar with ICMI and TTEC about weathering turbulent times in the year ahead and ensuring long-term contact center success. During the webinar, the conversation included trends to... Read More

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Navigate Trends, Maintain Focus - Innovating Around Consumer Preferences
An IndustryVoices post  Over the summer, headlines everywhere proclaimed that TikTok is overtaking Google as the top search engine. For those in the business of cutting-edge CX, this news may have caused... Read More

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It’s Time to Make Bots Sound Less Bot-Like
Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing everything about the customer experience. It doesn’t take long into a contact center or workforce engagement management (WEM) conversation for the topic of AI to come up.... Read More

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The Contact Center’s Future Looks Bright, But Complex
This article first appeared in No Jitter, a partner publication. Contact centers have traditionally been the place where new communications technology makes its earliest and often strongest business case. So, as we... Read More

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