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Call Center and Contact Center Resources

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ChatGPT: Are There Operational Pitfalls in This New Technology?
As the contact center industry looks toward ChatGPT and other emerging technologies, the positive possibilities seem endless. Information that can be updated and delivered instantaneously by an agent to a customer looks... Read More

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Are You Harnessing AI in Your Customer Access Strategy?
When was the last time you moved into a new apartment or house that didn’t have any electrical wiring? As in, no wire, no outlets, nothing? When was the last time you... Read More

Article -
The Promise of Generative AI: New, Flexible Customer Experiences
Traditional contact centers have long been at the forefront of answering customer requests and challenges. These contact centers have relied mainly on inflexible scripts to direct client interactions, leaving little room for... Read More

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The Road Best Traveled: Smart Self-Service and the Fast Track to Resolution
When you think of self-service, imagine driving a car. You’re the driver of your own experience—just as you would select your destination, establish a route, and control the speed at which you... Read More

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There Won’t Be an App for That Soon
I’m a man of few apps. I’ve got Delta, one for the subway and one for the trains. My wife, on the other hand, has store and brand apps for about every... Read More

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Why Brands With the Best Digital Tools Will Win on CX and EX
I started my career in the Apple contact center before working my way up to being a technology executive, and I understand the grind that customer care agents endure. Since I have... Read More

Article -
Do You Really Want ChatGPT Talking to Your Customers?
A version of this article originally appeared in no jitter, a partner publication.   With the networking industry’s long-held fascination with shiny new objects, it is not surprising that contact centers have... Read More

Article -
Generative AI in the Contact Center: Today and Tomorrow
This article originally appeared in no jitter, a partner publication. Generative AI is already being used in contact centers today, with more use cases emerging rapidly. For now, at least, these use... Read More

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Partnering with AI to Build the Next-Generation Contact Center
Read More

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Hotdesking is Critical for Hybrid Office Success
This article first appeared in no jitter, a partner publication. With half of pre-pandemic workers now remote and one in five reporting they don’t have an assigned workspace when they go to... Read More

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