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Microsoft Digital Contact Center Platform: A Work in Progress
This article originally appeared on No Jitter, a partner publication. On Tuesday, July 19, Microsoft introduced the Microsoft Digital Contact Center Platform during its annual partner event, . My thoughts here are... Read More

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Conversational AI Demystified for Contact Centers
As someone new to conversational AI, I struggled to figure out what the heck it actually means and whether it’s as cool as it sounds. Technically speaking, it consists of three words,... Read More

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Three Ways Internet Connection Monitoring Enhances Productivity
An IndustryVoices post  Remote and hybrid work environments are definitely here to stay. And it’s important not to lose sight of the foundation of customer service success: the productivity of contact center... Read More

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Ruby Reduces “Nuby” Onboarding Costs By Validating Internet Connections
An IndustryVoices post  Ruby Receptionists, based in Portland, receives an astounding 40,000 calls every day. With 750 employees working remotely, Ruby’s IT team was finding challenges with the home internet connections of... Read More

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The Options for Getting Contact Center Capabilities into Microsoft Teams
This article was originally published in No Jitter, a partner publication. For enterprises that are looking to get the most out of their current (or future) contact center service and Microsoft Teams... Read More

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Constructively Use Chatbots to Augment Customer Experience
As consumer demand continues to move away from traditional brick and mortar stores to retail-specific applications that enable 24/7 buying, new formats of communication between businesses and customers have emerged. Customers now... Read More

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5 Reasons Why Contact Centers Shouldn’t Offer Video Calls
For the last two years, many of us have gotten intimately familiar with Zoom, Teams, Meet, WebEx, and a myriad of other video-enabled conferencing solutions. These solutions can approximate (and in some... Read More

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Where AI Adds the Most Value in Contact Centers
Artificial intelligence (AI) is appearing in many new contact center solutions, and vendors are adding new AI capabilities at a rapid pace. In response, enterprises are racing to test and deploy these... Read More

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Resisting Technology Temptation In An Age of Innovation
Not long ago, one of my contact center peers posed this question: "How can our industry use [insert emerging technology] in our operations?" The specific technology they asked about is unimportant; buzzwords... Read More

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How the Metaverse Might Shape the Future Contact Center Experience
Technology leaders are serious about the metaverse: a future in which our physical environment merges with the digital — in wholly immersive virtual reality. Trillions of dollars are being invested in the... Read More

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