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Call Center and Contact Center Resources

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Can AI Deliver on Your Expectations in the Contact Center?
It seems that all we hear about in the tech and contact center world is how Artificial Intelligence is going to change the world.  How wonderful, how effective, and how from a... Read More

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Artificial Intelligence in the Contact Center: A Insider's Guide
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming customer service, particularly in contact centers, and while AI promises significant enhancements in efficiency and customer experience, it's crucial to approach its implementation thoughtfully to avoid hasty... Read More

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How to Choose a Visual Remote Support Solution
Customer service is forever connected to the sounds of a telephone call. The pre-recorded rundown of IVR menu options. The agonizing loop of smooth jazz-inspired hold music. And ultimately, the calm and... Read More

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I Don’t Always Want Human-like Service
During a recent brainstorming session about the future of AI, the idea came up again of Generative AI making service more human like in the future. Now, being the contrarian that I... Read More

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Empathetic AI: How GenAI Virtual Agents Will Be Leveraged
Imagine you're shopping online or in a store and have a question about a product. But you don’t want to find a store employee or call into their contact center to speak... Read More

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Can AI Fix The Employee Experience For Frontline Customer Service Reps?
A version of this blog first appeared on the North Bridge Group website. You’re a CSR, and there’s so much you hate about your job. Customers shriek at you all day. Your boss’s... Read More

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Six AI Lessons From A Past Technology Wave
We are all aware that AI is the big topic of the last year plus. Some people will tell you this technology wave is different than those in the past. They may... Read More

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Beware Bolt-on AI
As technology marches forward, existing solutions are often caught off-guard by new developments that are outside their core competency and begin to cobble together a bunch of minimum viable products and acquisitions... Read More

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Gen AI Security Check: 15 Key Questions for Vendors
If you are adding generative AI solutions to your contact center tech stacks, there is no such thing as “an overabundance of caution.” When evaluating new software solutions with Gen AI, think... Read More

Article -
Technology is Great, until It Isn’t
We’re in love with technology until it fails us.  New technologies like AI and CHATGPT combined with established ones like,  CRM,  IVR, WFM, CHAT, and TEXT among many others, help manage contact... Read More

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