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Call Center and Contact Center Resources

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What to Write When You Must Tell a Customer No
While it’s never easy or much fun to tell a customer “no,” you can write it the wrong way—causing write-backs, harming satisfaction, destroying rapport—or the better way. The better way doesn’t mean... Read More

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Branded Communication: What it is and How it Can Help Contact Centers
Contact centers face a myriad of challenges today, including consumer call avoidance behavior, rising agent attrition rates, declining productivity, and difficulty hitting targets. Because of this, contact centers are turning to innovative... Read More

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10 Ingredients for an Effective Service Recovery Process
How many times have you had an issue in a restaurant with service, a cold meal, or incorrect charge? When that happens to me, I’m frequently offered a free dessert. I’ve often... Read More

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We're All Tired of Being Badgered
There's a line of thinking in the CX world that every customer wants to be "wowed," and that this is how you both gain loyalty and new customers. But what does "wowed"... Read More

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Announcing the 2022 ICMI Global Contact Center Awards Finalists
The ICMI Global Contact Center Awards program offers us a chance to come together to celebrate greatness in the contact center industry. The awards are there to recognize the frontline workers, managers,... Read More

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Don’t Take a Negative Customer Interaction Personally
Years ago, when I first joined the contact center world, my favorite part of my job was turning around a frustrating customer experience and helping that caller end their interaction with me... Read More

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Harnessing the Power of Localization in Customer Service
Localizing your products and services for a new market is a great way to ensure you engage with the target audience of that market. Localization revolves around adapting your product or service... Read More

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Why WFH Contact Center Agents Should Acknowledge Background Noise
In the chaos of the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, I had decided to cancel my subscription to Major League Baseball’s streaming service. After all, the season was suspended, so why... Read More

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Don’t Bluff Customers to Get Them Off the Phone
The pandemic has thrown so many consumers into new and unchartered territory, and we often must try to navigate it the best we can. That’s why it’s vital for the contact center... Read More

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5 Ways to Increase CX Tech Adoption and Improve Customer Service
Technology is a game-changer for customer service. But a recent study by Vistio found that one of the most challenging aspects of managing a contact center’s existing technology tools is getting agents... Read More

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