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Customer Channel Preferences Are Changing
Since 2018, ContactBabel has carried out annual surveys of 1,000 US consumers that look at customer channels of preference in cases of high emotion, urgency and complexity. The research tracks changes over... Read More

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What Does The Voice of Your Business Say About Your Agent Experience?
Often as we move along in business, we forget that all the process changes, new KPI’s, new software releases have a direct effect on the Agent Experience. Recently, I learned that contact... Read More

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Welcome to the Self-Service Revolution: How Helping Less Improves Agent Efficiency
As a contact center leader, the last thing you want to hear is that more than half of consumers would rather help themselves. But that’s where we are. We live in a... Read More

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Is your front-line agent representing your business as you would?
You train them, you coach them, but still, you wonder – Are my frontline agents representing my business as I would? And that is a big question. You can put in all... Read More

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Customer-Facing AI: Is It Ready for Prime-Time?
It's quite clear that 2023 was the year of generative artificial intelligence and 2024 will be the year of applied generative AI, especially in customer-facing situations.  Klarna says that it's AI-powered chatbot is... Read More

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Use Chat GPT to Help Write Social Media Responses to Customers​
“Too long, uncaring, and off-brand.” Three criticisms you never want to hear about your social media responses to customers! But it can be difficult to write posts that are short enough, empathetic... Read More

Article -
10 Ways to Get Back to CX Basics
Why is it that customer service isn’t improving? Several recent studies suggest it is actually getting worse, not better despite the declining effects of the pandemic, supply chain issues and the like.... Read More

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Like, Follow, and Subscribe: Introducing ICMI's Top 25 Thought Leaders for 2024
Each year, we ask the contact center and customer experience community to nominate their choices for ICMI’s Top 25 Thought Leaders list. From more than 150 nominations, we’re pleased to present the... Read More

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How Technology Improves Empathy in the Enterprise Contact Center
Customer expectations may be evolving at a record pace, but some core ideas never change. Empathy and a strong human connection rank as top priorities for customers. People want to be seen,... Read More

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5 Steps to Defuse Angry Callers
Just because the holidays have ended doesn’t mean people are any less stressed. And when people are stressed, they love to take it out on call center agents. But, fear not! This... Read More

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