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Call Center and Contact Center Resources

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Why Isn’t Customer Service Improving?
Despite what industry experts may profess, customer service isn’t getting any better. While customers expect immediate answers to their inquiries, efficient order processing, and fast shipping, there’s no indication that fulfilling these... Read More

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Survey Results Should Not be an Agent Incentive
Late last month, my wife had a business event in Las Vegas, so I tagged along for a few days. Our stay was at a well-known hotel brand that focuses on business... Read More

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Use Customers' Questions to Build Better Knowledge Base Articles
To write great knowledge base articles, you should think like a tailor. To make a bespoke suit jacket, a tailor takes many measurements, everything from the width of the shoulders to the... Read More

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Give Frontline Agents the Info They Need for Good CX
At the start of the new year, I was given an unwelcome surprise at the pharmacy. Instead of being given the usual medication at the counter, I was given a generic version... Read More

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CX Change Begins With Culture Change
“CX change is culture change.” I first heard Annette Franz say this several years ago. It stuck with me then, but I didn’t fully understand it. The longer I do this work,... Read More

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So You Want to be More Customer-Centric? Here’s How.
Almost every company these days says that they are customer-centric, that “Our customers are our most important asset”, and that they intend to improve customer experience. However, few companies know how to... Read More

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Help Customers Understand Policies Before They Complain to the Contact Center
If you were building a playground for your local elementary school, you’d never install swings with chains that pinch little fingers or a teeter-totter that catapults kindergarteners into the air. A dangerous... Read More

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Successful Customer Service is Personal
Before the end of the year, I was looking through my library of past business books and came across an oldie but goodie, The One to One Future: Building Relationships One Customer... Read More

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How Contact Center Customer Service Differs in Five Countries
I’ve been lucky enough to have spent most of my career in the contact center industry, and equally as lucky to have lived and worked in five countries – all with very... Read More

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Applying Automation to Improve Customer Experience
This article originally appeared in NoJitter, a partner publication. As we advise enterprise customer experience (CX) leaders, one fairly consistent area of deficiency is using automation to improve agent performance and/or customer... Read More

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