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Call Center Resources & Insight

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Don’t Cling to a Lifeless Script for Calls
This article first appeared on the blog for Edify.  “I’m so happy I was able to help you today, ma’am!” Well, actually, you didn’t. Here’s the backstory. When my husband and I... Read More

Three Trends in Customer Care Borne of This Year’s Disruption
We did it. After twelve months of social and economic upheaval, uncertainty and stress, 2020 is just nearly in the rearview mirror. For contact centers, like so many businesses, it was a... Read More

Beware a Robotic Customer Experience
With all the discussion regarding artificial intelligence (AI), and how best to adopt it into contact centers, I worry it might put do away with human elements of customer care and pressure... Read More

BOO! Why Ghosting Still Haunts Customer Service | #ICMIchat Rundown (October 27, 2020)
Halloween is no excuse for scarily poor customer service, yet many organizations still play tricks, disappear into thin air like ghosts, and hide out in the woods. This week #ICMIchat unmasks some... Read More

You Can Write a Five-Star Response to a One-Star Rating or Poor Review
Sometimes social media feels like the mean kids’ table in the lunchroom at middle school. Everybody’s talking dirt about someone else. And once the gossip’s out there, it’s hard to get your... Read More

How to Deescalate Stress for Customers and Agents in Turbulent Times
The landscape, put mildly, is tense. After six months defined by economic and social upheaval, all under the backdrop of a once-in-a-century public health crisis, your customers have a lot on their... Read More

Don’t Overlook CRM As You Adapt to Pandemic Customer Care
As a consultant, I have the opportunity to work alongside some of the top brands in the world. Over time, it becomes easy to spot trends based on market changes and conversations... Read More

Take Action on Customer Surveys or Don’t Survey at All
Customer surveys have become the norm whenever we shop, call, or engage online. Recently, I’ve had several situations in which the survey questions, and the lack of response after the surveys, have... Read More

Five Concrete Ways to Measure Customer Experience
Customer experience (CX) can be a very overwhelming and confusing topic. It’s not customer service, but it does include customer service, as well as every other function for that matter. Often, this... Read More

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