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How to Maintain Your Cybersecurity When Your Employees Work From Home
Remote working has increased the cybersecurity risks for organizations, with employees no longer enjoying some of the protections that they had in the office. Due to a less consistent security practice and... Read More

An Expanded Home-Based Contact Center Workforce Could Lead to Increased Identity Theft
The rapid transition demonstrated by the contact center industry to adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic was, quite honestly, amazing. However, our industry never gets a chance to rest. Once we solve one... Read More

How to Preserve a Contact Center Culture in the WFH Shift
We moved from a 100% in-office culture to a 100% remote environment in a little less than two weeks. Our goal in this endeavor was to ensure more than a technologically seamless... Read More

Crisis Communication Advice for Contact Center Leaders
Crises and remote work have something in common—the need for greater thoughtfulness, transparency, and communication. From planning your sharing strategy to disseminating your message, here is advice from experts for your contact... Read More

5 Things Contact Center Leaders Should Consider in a Post-COVID-19 World
By now, you have adapted to the initial “hair on fire” moments of COVID-19. You may have made up new policies and implemented changes without a clear plan for the future. After... Read More

Here’s Why Knowledge Management is a Critical Part of your Business Continuity Plan
The COVID-19 crisis will lead many contact centers and companies to activate their business continuity plans. Whether or not it’s the first time, no plan survives contact with reality. The world’s first... Read More

Lessons From Moving 2,800 Support Engineers to Work From Home
One of my favorite museums in the world is Churchill War Rooms, which is the underground bunker complex where Churchill and his staff ran war operations, safe from the bombs that pummeled... Read More

Panning for Gold: Maximizing Unstructured Feedback | #ICMIchat Rundown (April 21, 2020)
Customers aren't shy about telling us what they think, but only a fraction of customer sentiment can be captured in a survey. It's becoming increasingly difficult for companies to generate actionable, big-picture... Read More

How Contact Centers Can Make WFH Sustainable
I’ve been involved with contact centers for over 25 years and one thing that I’ve consistently noticed is that they have an incredible ability to respond to changing situations in a rapid... Read More

How Contact Centers Can Evolve After the COVID-19 Crisis
Many contact centers, even those with carefully crafted disaster recovery plans, were left scrambling to assemble strategy in response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Having personally led these efforts over the years... Read More

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