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Call Center Resources & Insight

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A Risk Management Approach to Transform Change Management
This article first appeared in HDI.  I want to share an approach with you I've used in improvement registries and project and task prioritization. Most significantly, this approach is a great way... Read More

Involve Contact Center Agents in the QA Process
One of the major challenges for most contact centers these days is how to align with the agents when it comes to the internal and external scoring process. What does “good”/”pass”/”80%” look... Read More

Thinking How to Shift From a Contact Center to an Experience Center
For those on the bleeding edge of contact center development, the last decade has been a wild ride. Many of us in the industry shifted through a few different gears and we’re... Read More

Take Our Workforce Management Survey for a Chance to Win!
This last year brought unprecedented challenges to those working to ensure that contact centers are rightly staffed — a dispersed workforce, disrupted schedules, and unpredictable customer demand. In 2017, the last time... Read More

How to Help Your Contact Center Team Handle Omnichannel Expectations
Every day when I wake up, I have a decision to make: Do I check my unread texts, my flooded email inbox, or my Slack messages, first? You’d think that while I... Read More

6 Critical Elements for Contact Center Security
To build up a strong cybersecurity defense for your contact center network, you must identify exactly how customer data and privacy may be at risk. Understanding the risk profile will help contact... Read More

Final Thoughts: Big Ideas for Moving Forward | #ICMIchat Rundown (January 12, 2021)
Over the years, #ICMIchat has brought out contact center and customer experience professionals' most profound insights into operations, leadership, and customer service. Every week, our participants challenged us to think differently about... Read More

Creating Company Culture Through Knowledge-Centered Support
This article was first published in HDI. Last year I traveled the world and talked about defining an organizational culture that is great for service excellence. These discussions were not about a... Read More

5 Ways to Overcome Contact Center "If Onlys"
Best of ICMI articles in 2020 - #2  Have you caught a case of the “if onlys” in your contact center? When it comes to contact center technology, the “if onlys” are... Read More

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