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Call Center and Contact Center Resources

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Contact Center Decisions Reach the Highest Levels
This article first appeared in nojitter, a partner publication. The stakes are high when it comes to improving customer experience (CX), and we’ve seen more evidence lately that IT and technology are... Read More

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Contact Centers: Succeeding Amidst The Great Resignation
This article originally appeared in no jitter, a partner publication. The term Great Resignation came into common business parlance in September 2021, when the Harvard Business Review published an article analyzing the... Read More

Article -
What Will Performance Management Look Like in the Post-Pandemic Contact Center?
A lot of things have changed because of the pandemic. Has your performance management also evolved alongside? According to a SHRM article, employees do not believe their management has a good grasp... Read More

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What if Your Contact Center Adopts a Unique Model?
Your contact center is different; you can’t see it represented in any information online. Your contact center has unique needs; the organizational business model is innovative. In such a situation, you may... Read More

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A Call to Return to the Office in the Philippines May Cause Angst
Opinion  An innocent-sounding decision to help local businesses in the Philippines may risk upending the BPO industry here. During the height of the pandemic, the Fiscal Incentives Review Board (FIRB) of the... Read More

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How to Reduce the Threat of Identity Theft in the Contact Center
The most recent annual tally of cybercrime damages rivals that of the GDP of any major country, reaching nearly $6 trillion USD globally in 2021. This cost is steadily rising. According to... Read More

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