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Promise and Reality - Artificial Intelligence in the Contact Center

Promise and Reality - Artificial Intelligence in the Contact Center

Air Date: July 20, 2022
Time: 2:00 pm ET

Dr. Lorien Pratt , Ben O’Loghlin

Moderators: Tim McElgunn

Watch the webinar video below.

Join ICMI and a panel of experts on August 17 to explore how contact center strategies, process, and technology will be changing in the next 12-18 months and what thought leaders predict for long-term contact center evolution.

Customer experience (CX) professionals are excited about the possibilities for AI, and with good reason. But many organizations are struggling to make that promise a reality. 

Join ICMI and a panel of CX and AI industry leaders to explore the current state of the art for AI in the contact center. Our panelist will share their real-world insights into some of the mistakes made, lessons learned, and benefits realized by organizations that have deployed AI. We’ll discuss where AI can have an immediate and long-term impact for contact centers and where hype is well ahead of reality.

You learn what’s needed to prepare for and successfully execute an AI implementation that will help your teams deliver superior CX; and how CX leaders can convince financial decision makers to invest, and continue investing, in AI.

Dr. Lorien Pratt
Dr. Lorien Pratt
AI Pioneer, Inventor of Decision Intelligence

Computer scientist Dr. Lorien Pratt is one of the pioneers of artificial intelligence and is credited with inventing transfer learning. Following a 35-year career delivering applied AI systems, Dr. Pratt is recognized alongside Marie Curie and other trailblazers by the Women Innovators and Inventors Project. She continues to push the boundaries of technology as a creator of and evangelist for Decision Intelligence (DI), which connects AI to human decision making in a way that is transparent, auditable, and available to the masses, reducing “information inequality.” DI is identified by Gartner as a top technology for 2022. Dr. Pratt wrote the first book on DI: Link: How Decision Intelligence connects Data, Actions, and Outcomes for a Better World and co-authored The Decision Intelligence Handbook. She has appeared on CSPAN, NPR, and many keynotes and podcasts. Dr. Pratt’s work in AI and DI has broad implications for addressing “wicked”, invisible, exponential, multi-link problems including climate, poverty, security, and others that whose mitigation or solutions depend on better decisions by billions of people. Pratt blogs at www.lorienpratt.com.

Ben O’Loghlin
Ben O’Loghlin
Head of Growth, Servicely.AI

Ben O’Loghlin is Head of Growth at Servicely.AI. After a short stint as a CIO and then a robotics engineer, Ben started his first IT company in 2001. Twenty years and many business successes later, he joined Servicely as head of sales and marketing, and as an investor and board director.

Ben believes we succeed only through service to others. He has bachelor’s degrees in Science (maths), Systems Engineering (with First Class Honours and the University Medal) and Music (jazz performance, double bass).

On most Wednesday nights you’ll find him running a jazz jam night at the Old Canberra Inn.

Tim McElgunn
Tim McElgunn
Principal Analyst, ICMI
Tim McElgunn is Principal Analyst for HDI and ICMI, producing and managing content and events for our community of contact center and technical support professionals. A skilled analyst, strategic advisor, writer and editor, Tim has extensive experience researching, synthesizing, and explaining strategic, regulatory, technology, and service trends. Before joining the Informa team, Tim held senior editorial and analysis roles at Bloomberg Law, Stratecast Partners/Frost & Sullivan, and Gartner.

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