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Mitigating the Risks and Human Costs of Authentication Failure

Mitigating the Risks and Human Costs of Authentication Failure

Air Date: May 20, 2020
Time: 2 pm ET

Andrew Gilliam , Mark D. Collier

Moderators: Roy Atkinson

Watch the webinar video below.

Join us on Wednesday, May 20, at 2:00 PM ET for an interactive and informative hour where we will explore the human costs of authentication failure.

Authentication is frustrating for customers and agents alike. In addition to being time-consuming and ineffective, knowledge-based authentication relies on an alarming amount of agent discretion. These traditional methods are error-prone and uncomfortable for everyone involved. Protecting customers requires more than simply saying “no”; we must also say “yes” at the right time, every time. The costs of getting it wrong even once may be dire, degrading customer trust, creating stressful conflict between agents and customers, or resulting in costly data breaches.


Service providers must get it right every single time, so it’s imperative that agents are equipped with the right tools and information to make authentication decisions. While most authentication solutions are cost-prohibitive to all but the riskiest industries, new technology can optimize cost efficiency by intelligently selecting the lowest-cost authentication method for each call.


In this webinar, we will explore the human costs of authentication failure, including the costs to the customer experience and agent experience. You'll learn why it's more important than ever for agents to have access to real-time, data-driven intelligence to protect your customers and organization.


The key takeaways of the webinar are:

  • Authentication is a significant source of friction for both agents and customers, and the costs of failure are high
  • Agents must have the best tools at their disposal to empower good judgment in real-time
  • Combining data-driven fraud detection with real-time authentication intelligence simplifies the customer journey, improves the agent experience, reduces the cost to serve, and mitigates risk

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Andrew Gilliam, ICMI Featured Contributor
Andrew Gilliam
Associate Analyst , HDI & ICMI | Informa Tech

Andrew Gilliam is a passionate Customer Experience innovator and change agent, with a background in IT support and customer service. You can connect with him on LinkedIn, and discover more at andytg.com.



Mark D. Collier
Mark D. Collier
Chief Technology Officer (CTO), SecureLogix Corporation

As the Chief Technology Officer at SecureLogix, I manage our technology roadmap, work with our strategic customers, perform security research, monitor for new threats, and architect our security solution. I am actively performing VoIP/UC security research, especially in the area of Telephony Denial of Service (TDoS), authentication/fraud, and call spoofing. I have also managed our engineering team for most the history of SecureLogix and directed the development of our voice security products.

I have been working in the software industry for over 20 years. Most recently, I have been working in the voice/VoIP/Unified communications (UC) security and network industry. As CTO, I am focused on identifying new voice/VoIP/UC security threats, performing research including development of testing/attack tools, educating our customers and partners on these threats, and developing commercial solutions. I am also working with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) on multiple research projects, focused on complex TDoS attacks and other security issues in critical environments such as banks and Next Generation 911 centers.

I have led multiple additional research efforts in the area of voice, VoIP, and UC security. I have also developed a number of SIP attack tools as part of this research and to support the books I have written (Hacking Exposed: VoIP – 2006 and Hacking Exposed: UC and VoIP – 2013).

Roy Atkinson
Roy Atkinson
CEO and Principal Advisor, Clifton Butterfield, LLC

Roy Atkinson serves as CEO and Principal Advisor for Clifton Butterfield, LLC, a business advisory practice, and is one of the top influencers in the service and support industry. In addition to many other lists in 2020, he was named one of “The Top 50 Customer Service Experts of the Decade (2010-2020)” by Nextiva, one of the “Top 150 Global Customer Experience Thought Leaders and Influencers of 2020” by SurveySensum, and one of the “Top Ten CX Contact Center Influencers You Need to Follow” by Shelf.

His blogs, presentations, research reports, white papers, keynotes, and webinars have gained him an international reputation. He delights in bringing his years of experience to the community. He holds a master’s certificate in advanced management strategy from Tulane University’s Freeman School of Business. Follow him on Twitter @RoyAtkinson.

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