Best Practices for Blending Automation & Agent-Assisted Service in the Contact Center

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Speakers: Sean Hawkins , Ross Haskell

Moderators: Erica Marois


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Blend Self-Service and Agent-Assisted Service the right way and achieve a thing of beauty (and incredible returns!)

As consumers, we’ve all experienced – or at the very least heard about – organizations who’ve failed to effectively provide an experience that blends the best of self-service and agent-assisted service.  The self-service tool is too complex, inaccurate, or incomplete and there is no good way to escalate to a live agent.  Even if there is, we find that the agents often only have access to the same tools or insights as we do, which requires us to repeat ourselves, and a vicious downward service spiral pursues.

As contact center leaders, we’re responsible for balancing the evolving needs of our customers, the cost constraints of our organizations, and the engagement challenges of our employees.  In this day and age, that means leveraging self-service tools that are accurate, accessible, and easy to use while deploying live agents in the more complex and complicated customer interactions.  When done right, it’s a win-win-win that has incredible returns.  The challenge, however, is that without the right strategy and considerations it often causes more headaches than it resolves problems.

The result is that, as contact center leaders, we find ourselves asking questions like: Where is self-service and automation most and least effective? What are the best practices for enabling customers to move between self-service and a live agent without disruptions in the continuity of the conversation? How does the contact center identify and implement their ideal blend of automated & agent-assisted service?

If you find yourself asking these questions and are looking to effectively deploy self-service/automation that is additive, not detractive to your customer service experience, this webinar is for you.

Attend this webinar to learn:

  • How to increase productivity through the optimal blend of automated & agent-assisted service
  • The impact of customer mobility and connectivity on the contact center’s strategy
  • Best practices for implementing self-service automation that effectively deflects contacts from live agents
  • The positive impacts on employee & customer engagement when automation is appropriately deployed

Join us for this interactive and informative hour—complete with research, best practices, and live Q&A.


Sean Hawkins

Manager of Support and Product, Framework Homeownership

Currently the Manager of Support and Product at Framework Homeownership, I have over 15 years of progressive call center leadership and experience in the public, private and government sectors. I have led or consulted contact centers of various sizes across numerous industries and environments including sales, BPO, and SaaS to name a few. Additionally, I’ve implemented new technology and products, while maintaining award-winning contact centers.

Follow Sean:

Ross Haskell

Senior Director of Products, BoldChat, LogMeIn

Ross is the Senior Director of Products for BoldChat by LogMeIn, leading product strategy, liaising with customers and development in order to push customer care agents towards a future of enterprise-class features, mobile dominance, and unparalleled efficiency. Before BoldChat, Ross held senior-level marketing, product, and consulting positions at technology companies, including Visionael Corp., Green Mountain Energy Co., and Tivoli (an IBM company). He has a special interest - and nearly 20 years' experience - in translating consumer data into actionable insights for customer service professionals. Ross earned a BS in Marketing at Boston College and a MBA from Texas A&M University.

Erica Strother headshot

Erica Marois

Content Manager, ICMI

Erica Marois is the Content Manager at ICMI. With a background in marketing, public relations, and social media, she brings more than ten years of community management experience to ICMI. Having been at ICMI for more than 5 years now, she's also become a thought leader in the customer experience space. Erica manages ICMI's robust network of community contributors - 500 strong! She also hosts ICMI's weekly tweet chats that feature dynamic, interactive discussions with thought leaders and innovators in the contact center community. In addition, she produces ICMI's webinars and many other content initiatives like Contact Center Insider newsletter. Lastly, Erica employs her creative viewpoint on community engagement at ICMI events, managing ICMI's Global Contact Center Awards Program, and Movers & Shakers initiative, as well as working with attendees to enhance their event experience. Erica is a connector of people - in any medium - and loves bringing contact center leaders together to solve problems.

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