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The Multichannel Agent: A 2014 Contact Center Roadmap Research Report and Best Practices Guide

Author: ICMI Research

Publisher: ICMI

Number of Pages: 27


Where should you be with multichannel in 2014? You should be where your customers want you to be, where your business needs you to be, and in the channels where you are able to provide the highest level of service and satisfaction.

In early 2013, the International Customer Management Institute (ICMI) conducted a research study to better understand how contact centers intended to use emerging channels to improve the overall customer service experience and increase customer engagement. There was an emphasis on the activities and objectives around supporting customers in a multichannel environment, with an additional correlation of each emerging channel back to experience, efficiency and engagement.

While ICMI can’t specifically tell you WHICH channels to support, we can tell you how best to plan and prepare your multichannel contact center to perform at its best.

Purchase this report and best practices guide to gain insight into the current landscape of multichannel, and uncover the following:

  • Advice for training and hiring multichannel agents.
  • How to achieve agent engagement and satisfaction, to in turn create customer engagement and satisfaction.
  • Tips for increasing agent productivity and efficiency.
  • Tips for simplifying the agent experience.
  • Advice for forecasting and scheduling in the multichannel contact center.
  • Ways to turn data into actionable data.
  • Guidance on channel experimentation.

This new research, along with other current ICMI data, will provide contact center professionals with the materials they need to properly plan for multichannel in 2014. The ICMI Expert Spotlight accompaniments will help with key pieces of the puzzle – most notably advice on recruiting and training offered by ICMI Founder Brad Cleveland and ICMI Training and Development Manager Justin Robbins.

Purchase the full report to help position your multichannel contact center for success.


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