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Next-Generation Service: The Role of AI, IoT, and Automation in Contact Center Transformation

Future of Service

Author: ICMI Research

Publisher: ICMI

Number of Pages: 16


Within the next year, the percentage of organizations supporting IoT is expected to jump from 36% to 57%. Read this research report to learn more.

We live in a truly wondrous time where technology and humanity converge at virtually every intersection of our lives. It’s difficult for many of us to believe that we once survived without cellphones, the internet, or Amazon Prime two-day shipping. Our society is incredibly dependent on technology, and that this dependency will only increase with time. There are innovations every day that fascinate and further perpetuate our obsession with connectivity. We’re addicted to the always-on, digital life.

These same innovations that captivate us as consumers are finding their way into organizations and, more specifically, the service experience. This should come as no surprise. In a world that’s increasingly dominated by digital natives with a need for instant gratification, these innovations are essential for organizations to ensure that they’re able to deliver on customer expectations both today and in the years to come.

Companies are deploying multiple tactics to address these evolving expectations, and perhaps none has drawn as much attention as the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in service. Coupled with this, organizations are evolving and expanding their self-service options and employing data from connected devices to better inform and proactively address customer needs. But are contact centers adopting and utilizing these technologies as much as they’d like, or seeing the benefit from them?

In this research from ICMI and Oracle, we explore these trends, assess their impact on customers, companies, and employees, and provide insights into how organizations can prepare for the future.

Topics: AI, Director, IoT

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