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Call Center Short and Long-Term Goals and Investment Trends

Author: ICMI Research

Publisher: ICMI

Number of Pages: 8


In 2012, ICMI surveyed call center professionals to understand contact centers’ short and long-term goals and investment trends. This survey revealed new insights into short- and long-term goals and investment trends, including increasing complexity, agent management attrition and a growing need for customer data.

Two of the survey’s significant findings were the lack of a unified response to the question of what is considered a priority, as well a strong uniformity in the ranking of those priorities. In the former case, a plurality of 39.4% chose the response of focusing on revenue-adding and increased customer loyalty. Of five answer options for ranking contact-center priorities (lowering operating costs, increase customer satisfaction, increase agent productivity, increase sales and profitability and meet service level agreements), the average responses (on a 1-to-5 scale) clustered around the 3.3-to-3.86 range, indicating that, on average, contact centers consider all five options to be of slightly more-than-medium importance, with increasing customer satisfaction leading the pack.

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  • What is important in 2012
  • Investments companies are planning to make to achieve 2012 priorities
  • How increased complexity is affecting call center performance
  • What will be different in the call center in 5 years 
  • Top priorities in the call center

Topics: Strategy, Management And Budgeting, Enterprise Contact Center

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