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The Top 23 Articles of 2023: #15-19

From building better knowledge management programs and stronger teams to healing relationships with your customers, this year, we covered a variety of topics to make your work easier. Over the next two weeks, we'll count down our top 23 articles of 2023. With this first installment, let's begin the countdown to #1.

#19: How to Build a Stress-Resilient Team

Sayo Afolayan

Everyone reacts to stress differently, and the impact of workplace stress on your employees can be taxing. Here are some strategies to build a stress-resistant team.

#18: Planning to Transform Your Customer Experience?: Here Are the Numbers You Need to Know

Robin Gareiss

AI clearly has and will continue to have an impact on jobs. Yes, it will cause some people to lose jobs, as any technology advancement does. But it also will help to create jobs, automate mundane tasks that people prefer not to do, and make existing jobs more efficient. Moving forward, we expect to see companies increase their utilization of AI for their CX initiatives, with generative AI being a driver and accelerator of CX transformations.

#17: Customer Service, Not Marketing, Should Respond to Complaints on Social Media

Leslie O'Flahavan

Headshot of Leslie O'Flahavan

There are a variety of reasons why your customer service team — and not your marketing team — should respond to complaints on social. But there is a time for marketing to respond to certain posts. Let's explore.

#16: Fix These Four Live Chat Mistakes or Lose Customers

Leslie O'Flahavan

Headshot of Leslie O'Flahavan

Chat has been around forever, and customers love the channel. So, it just doesn’t make sense when companies give customers less-than-stellar live chat experiences. Here are four common mistakes to avoid.

#15: Common Mistakes First-Time Contact Center Managers Should Avoid

Cheryl Gregware

Being a first-time contact center manager can be rewarding — and overwhelming. Here are some common mistakes for you to avoid.