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The Top 23 Articles of 2023: #1-4

From reimagining your staffing strategy to adopting a robust knowledge management system to cut costs, this year, we covered a variety of topics to make your work easier. Read on to find out our top four articles of 2023.

#4: Robust Knowledge Management Systems Can Cut Costs

Vicki Brackett

Headshot of Vicki BrackettBudgets are tight, and customer phone calls — often the customer’s preferred method of getting assistance — cost your company money. A robust knowledge management system can provide the solutions you need.

#3: Reshape Your Hiring and Onboarding for the WFH and Hybrid Era

Michele Rowan

Michele RowanFor the past decade, contact centers have had terrific technology in place that enable having clear visibility of employee production, regardless of where people sit. But the shift to working from home has changed the game. With that said, when it comes to hiring practices, some adjustments need to be made.

#2: How I Reimagined a Contact Center Staffing Strategy

Justin Robbins

Headshot of Justin RobbinsDo you always require previous experience working in a contact center when considering whether to hire a new employee? If your answer is "yes," here’s why you might want to adjust your approach.

#1: What Generative AI Can and Can't Do for Customer Service Today

Jarrod Davis

Headshot of Jarrod DavisGenerative AI has taken the world by storm. There’s no shortage of predictions about the death of Google, college essays, and homework. But let’s skip all that and focus on exactly what Generative AI — in the form of OpenAI’s GPT3 — can do for customer service right now.