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Why Customer Experience Metrics Matter

Relationship between marketing & customer serviceFamed business consultant Peter Drucker said, “What gets measured, gets managed.” This mantra is as important today as ever when running a business, especially when insight into metrics impact the Customer Experience (“CX”). According to Aberdeen, executives in best-in-class organizations are 50% more likely than peers to access their service performance metrics and data.

Properly tracking and keenly focusing on metrics provides many benefits, including:

  • Offering executives measurable business data and insight into the impact of daily activities
  • Helping to influence business decisions based on real-time data
  • Being able to assess and adjust operations based on the metrics
  • Influencing CX positively in real time

The metrics that service organizations should focus on fall into two distinct and separate buckets – process-based and results-based metrics. Process metrics focus on specific areas that individuals in the service organization can directly influence. Results metrics are the outcomes of the processes, and they are typically customer satisfaction-based or financial in nature. A balance of process and result metrics provides the most insight into the overall performance of the service organization.

The rank and file of the service organization often has little ability to directly influence revenue and profit, so their focus should be on process metrics. Taking care of this is likely to lead to the improved financial results-driven metrics.

Marrying Metrics and Customer Experience

Metrics can provide insight into one of the most important factors in running a successful service business - the customer experience (CX). Companies that achieve service excellence focus on improving these metrics each year:

  • First contact resolution rates
  • Average handle time
  • Average response time

Customer satisfaction is key to engagement, retaining business and earning positive word-of-mouth referrals. The way to gain insights into CX and profitability is through following and improving on the metrics that matter. Recognize that metrics give your organization insight into CX – how to prevent negative experiences and enhance positive ones, in real time. Data is the decision-making driver in today’s customer-centric world, so let the metrics lead the way!