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How to Prepare for a Video Conference Interview

Are you preparing for an upcoming video conference call with a hiring manager?

As remote and mobile working become more popular, companies are increasingly turning to video conferencing tools as a way of connecting with job candidates. Video conferencing software gives businesses a quick and easy way to connect with potential employees wherever they are. In addition, the visual aspects of the communication allow the interviewer to follow things like body language and other crucial nuances during a conversation.

Here’s how to make the most of this relatively new interviewing medium:

The key to any successful interview is to be prepared, and that same rule applies when it comes to video conferencing call interviews. The following tips will help to ensure you’re ready for your next interview.

1. Start planning in advance

You’ll need to set the equipment up and install the software beforehand to make sure that it all works properly before you get started.

Before the interview, make sure you ask your interviewer:

  • What video conferencing software they’re going to use
  • Who will be conducting the interview
  • How long the interview will last

Make sure you have a strong internet connection for the duration of the interview. You don’t want your connection to drop mid-conversation. If your computer detects multiple WiFi networks in your vicinity, it could be worth switching to your Ethernet connection to guarantee you get maximum bandwidth for your call.

2. Get the appearance right

You wouldn’t turn up to a regular interview in a paint-covered t-shirt and old shorts, so don’t be overly casual with a video conferencing interview, either. Prepare for your conference video call by dressing professionally according to the standards that you think the interviewer expects.

Additionally, make sure that the image your interviewer will get is the best it can be. Check that your camera is working properly and get the lighting right – make sure your face is lit from the front so the interviewer can read your expressions and get a good impression of your appearance. Adjust your camera angle so that the interviewer can see you from the waist up throughout the conference call.

3. Get rid of distractions

Your interviewer won’t expect your home to be totally silent but try to remove any possible distractions. This means ensuring you have a plain backdrop by situating your camera in front of a blank wall without any clutter, and minimizing noise. Make sure you turn off all radios and televisions, and plan so offspring and pets will not sneak into the picture mid-interview.

4. Be confident

During the interview, take full advantage of your video conferencing software to maintain eye contact with the person with whom you are speaking. Try to avoid glancing away, and avoid clicking on other windows or pop-ups.

Remember to maintain a posture that exudes an air of confidence. Sit up straight and maintain a friendly smile as much as possible while you chat. If you need to, you can write down some answers to potential questions beforehand so you’re sure you’re prepared.

5. Follow up

While still at the computer when the interview ends, follow up as soon as possible. Send your thank-you email and any requested follow-up material as soon as possible. Show your readiness while you are still fresh on the interviewer’s mind.

Good interviewing skills always serve job seekers well, whether the interview is in person or via video conferencing. In both, plan ahead and be prepared for a successful interview.