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#ICMIChat Prep: Promoting Positive Perspectives


Your attitude can affect everything from the quality of your work to how you communicate with others. It might even make a difference in how you feel at the end of a long day. A positive attitude can be the boost you needed to clear a gigantic call queue, put in the extra effort to train a struggling colleague, or mentor a junior agent towards achieving their full potential.

On the other hand, a bad attitude can really bring you down. It will hinder your strategic focus, contribute to your exhaustion, and predispose you to say things in less than friendly ways. Worse, bad attitudes are contagious! In a social setting, one person with a bad attitude can bring down an entire team.

In customer service, it's essential to bring your best self to work every day. It can be a struggle, though, especially when the work is repetitive, thankless, or the customer has a bad attitude of their own. In this week's #ICMIchat, we're crowdsourcing the best ideas for Promoting Positive Perspectives in your workplace. I hope you'll join us on Twitter at 1 p.m. Eastern/10 a.m. Pacific, and share your strategies bringing positivity to your contact center.

Here's your question preview for #ICMIchat on February 18, 2020.

Icebreaker: When was the last time you worked the frontlines of #CustomerService or as a #ContactCenter agent? Tell us about your experience!

Q1: Is a positive, upbeat attitude important to #CustomerService and #CCTR work? Why?

Q2: Is it ever challenging to stay positive in a #CustomerService or #ContactCenter job? If so, why?

Q3: Occasionally, agents receive a contact that is needy, challenging, or frustrating. To what extent is venting okay? Are there better options?

Q4: Are there any barriers to positivity in the #CCTR? If so, how can they be removed?

Q5: What role do #ContactCenter leaders play in fostering positivity?

Q6: What is the best way to help a colleague who is struggling to stay positive toward #customers? How would you coach them?

Q7: What role does organizational #culture play in promoting positivity in the #ContactCenter?

Q8: Can organizational #culture ever promote the wrong attitude? How can you be sure yours is on a positive track?