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The Trifecta in Call Center Metrics

Contact center operations are growing in complexity. And, that’s an understatement.

Center leaders are under constant pressure to increase efficiency while preserving or improving customer experience. On top of that, you must be mindful of the needs of your agent workforce. Keeping up with productivity, performance and especially engagement is essential.

In a recent conversation with a contact center executive in telecommunications, he explained how contact center robotic process automation (RPA) enabled his team to achieve the metrics trifecta: efficiency, engagement, and experience.

Trifecta of Call Center Metrics

“When we decided to use contact center RPA, it was because of potential efficiency benefits. We quickly saw how reducing traditional workforce planning administrative requirements drove efficiency. What we weren’t expecting was the positive impact automation had on agent engagement by giving frontline employees more control over their schedules, along with the added customer experience benefits."

Here’s how contact center RPA can help you achieve the metrics trifecta:

Increase Efficiency

Workforce management professionals spend most of their day addressing adherence and making staffing adjustments using time-consuming, manual tasks. With automation, schedules are updated in real time, allowing your staff to focus on other work. Also, automating activities like training and coaching eliminates the repetitive canceling and rescheduling that happens with the fluctuation of call volume.

What are the potential efficiency benefits? One leading telecom provider was able to save $25 million by automating such processes with contact center RPA.

Improve Agent Engagement

Since agents represent your brand, providing a positive work experience is a must. This is much easier said than done though. The monotony of the work and dealing with frustrated customers can be quite draining on your agents. And if training is constantly being canceled, your staff may not be equipped or as confident to handle customer calls – especially now when most customers resolve issues via digital self-service channels, leaving more complicated situations for your agents to handle. Lack of training could also leave your staff feeling as if they are missing out on career development opportunities.

A major health insurer turned this around by using contact center RPA to automate training delivery and leverage agent available time. Offering more development time and breaking up the workday monotony improved agent engagement and provided a 3.5 percent lift in agent productivity – icing on that proverbial cake!

Enhance Customer Experience

We all know customers want quick service and resolution from multiple channels. Every minute a customer spends waiting is another minute spent building frustration. If your agents aren’t adequately prepared to resolve issues quickly, it could negatively impact the reputation of your business. But for call centers, trying to keep pace using existing technologies is no longer enough.

Businesses using contact center RPA ensure each channel is appropriately staffed in real time as volume fluctuates. If volume rises and agents are needed, they’re notified to pause their off-phone activity and return to call handling. If agents are on a lengthy call, they receive a prompt asking them if they need assistance. If they do, their supervisor will be alerted immediately, providing an opportunity for early intervention and a better customer experience.

As mentioned earlier, agents have a direct impact on customer experience. A leading telecommunications provider noted a 4.5 percent improvement in First Call Resolution (FCR) by automating training specifically for poor performers.

Using contact center RPA, you are provided a variety of ways to achieve the metrics trifecta. By simply innovating and effectively focusing on these three areas: efficiency, engagement, and experience, you’re operating at new levels of success.