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Gain a Deeper Understanding of Your Contact Center KPIs

Contact center KPIsA macro view of what a contact center does and what makes it work well are often viewed as straightforward. Agents handle interactions to serve the business, right? While this is a true statement, it doesn't account for the myriad variables that influence the performance and success of an operation. In addition to this sea of measurements, the contact center industry is bursting with metric acronyms that can confuse those that aren't profoundly "in the know."

If you're lucky enough to be able to attend ICMI Contact Center Demo at Red Rock Resort in Las Vegas, NV, you should plan on attending my session on understanding key contact center metrics and their drivers. From the basics of service level, handle time, and abandonment rate down to occupancy, utilization, and shrinkage--we'll explore all the key influencers in depth. Here are few questions to consider:


Do you know the four primary drivers that influence the cost per interaction?

Do you have a firm understanding of lead and lag measurements within your contact center?

What are the most significant indicators of customer sentiment, excluding CSAT, CES, and NPS?

If you could only incent your agents on a single metric, which one would have the most significant impact?

How are you currently measuring agent satisfaction? And yes, you already are but may not know it.

We will explore all these questions and more in this interactive session on Tuesday, November 13th from 2:00-3:00. Challenge your assumptions and seek greater understanding of how you push and pull the levers of your operation with minimal effort and maximum impact. I hope to see you there!