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The Impact of Workforce Optimization on Marketing Campaigns

Workforce optimization solutions encompass communications recording, quality monitoring, speech analytics, eLearning, workforce management, and customer feedback. They turn contact centers into gold mines by taking raw information from customer interactions and turning it into useful data to facilitate executive decisions, spot the latest trends, and analyze processes on an enterprise-wide basis. The most sophisticated solutions now help to track, streamline and tailor marketing campaigns, generating powerful bottom-line results.

The Impact of Speech Analytics

Speech analytics, a key component of workforce optimization solutions, provides an effective tool for analyzing and evaluating customer interactions, especially for high-volume contact centers with an otherwise unmanageable number of conversations. It provides information about the latest trends, the competitive market, and changing customer requirements so executives can make knowledgeable decisions to ensure the success of their marketing campaigns.

By automating speech analytics, an organization can make adjustments based on thousands of conversations. It can identify keywords to include in future campaigns as well as receive feedback for current ones. This feedback includes both the response rate and the ability to drill down to the exact source of inquiries—did a prospect call based on a current campaign and what parts of the message were most effective?

The Impact of Agents

Other key components of workforce optimization, such as quality and workforce management, play a key role in supporting marketing campaigns. Any dynamic campaign will attempt to spur immediate responses from target audiences, and the reaction to those responses will often determine its overall success. Converting prospects who respond to marketing campaigns is a very fragile process. Even perfectly suited buyers react tentatively, and their initial impression of company agents can either reinforce or torpedo your marketing message.

Moreover, by analyzing communications in an automated manner, workforce optimization solutions help supervisors spot agent weaknesses and filter out interesting calls for group training. Customized eLearning packages can also be generated for individual agents, creating a continual loop of learning as agents improve and new weaknesses present themselves. By boosting the overall service level, workforce optimization lays the groundwork for an effective response to inquiries generated by marketing campaigns. A positive customer experience by a new prospect works wonders for your marketing by lending credibility to your message and your entire enterprise.

The Impact of Versatility

Communications recording and analysis must meet the customer at the point of contact, and doing so demands flexible, omni-channel capabilities. Marketing campaigns can generate customer responses via social media, email, chat, or even video. Often a customer will initiate contact through one medium and make a purchase decision through another.

Workforce optimization offers a suite of services to track, categorize, and group customer interactions so an enterprise can closely monitor key individuals and determine their reasons for responding, accepting, or rejecting a campaign pitch. It transcends typical communications analysis based solely on recording phone calls and gathers a huge amount of customer data to keep business decision-makers informed every step of the way.


Workforce optimization solutions improve marketing campaigns by closely tracking customer communications, spotting the latest trends for current promotion and future product development, and automating the entire process for both real-time and in-depth analysis. They are rapidly becoming essential for any contact center servicing a high-volume or competitive industry.