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Fully Automated Quality Monitoring for High Volume Contact Centers

The quality of customer service has become a driver of enterprise-wide success in a very competitive industry, yet improving agent skills has become costlier than ever before, especially for high-volume contact centers with so many interactions in a multi-channel environment. However, the latest quality monitoring solutions can handle and evaluate a huge amount of unstructured data by operating in a fully automated manner, thus streamlining the quality monitoring process and facilitating process and product optimization as well.

High Volume Contact Center

Speech Analytics Increases the Breadth of Quality Monitoring

Speech analytics has become the go-to response for high-volume contact centers with an otherwise unmanageable number of customer interactions. Any customer service interaction can be flagged for customized, pre-determined “buzz” words, either to indicate potential problems, monitor trends or evaluate an ongoing promotional campaign. Various types of speech analytics solutions can be selected and tailored to the needs, budget and capabilities of larger organizations.

Moreover, speech analytics solutions can be configured to automatically categorize customer interactions for best practices training, including fulfillment of various quality levels as well as the most interesting and critical conversations. By doing so, these solutions automate and expand the quality management process for a vast amount of otherwise unstructured data. Contact center management and supervisors no longer need to engage in time-consuming data collection as intelligent solutions now handle this task for all contact center communications.

Screen Monitoring Increases the Efficiency of Quality Monitoring

While speech analytics is rapidly expanding the volume of quality monitoring, the inclusion of screen monitoring increases process efficiency. Maintaining high-quality customer service places high demands on agents in terms of know-how, friendliness, fluency and stamina, not to mention the synchronous use of internal company systems and multi-channel communications.

High-volume contact centers cannot afford to neglect any interaction, and the latest screen monitoring solutions can help meet their needs. The ability to simultaneously capture agents’ screen activities can determine if employees are correctly following and adhering to complex processes as well as evaluating and streamlining the efficiency of established contact center procedures.

Most importantly, screen monitoring solutions can be automated for high-volume contact centers, with screen recording triggered whenever the agent opens or activates a predefined program or functionality.

The Benefits of Automated Systems

High-volume contact centers can leverage automated speech analytics and screen monitoring in many ways. Operational efficiency can be dramatically improved and fractured processes rapidly fixed.

New automated quality monitoring solutions operate in a more efficient manner, negate the human factor and save vast amounts of time by obviating the need to cull through massive amounts of unstructured data. As they operate unobtrusively in the background, contact center management can focus instead on product customization, both due to the time saved and the information provided by these solutions.  


Automated quality monitoring represents a sea change for high-volume contact centers because you can use the additional time and data collected for process, service and product enhancements. Through recording and systematic analysis, the raw data evolves into valuable and relevant business information for the entire organization.