Plan to Fail to Succeed in 2015

Today you are going to start or try something new. It can be as simple as a new way to drive to work. A different order at Starbuck’s. Order a Rosetta Stone and learn a new language (Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg learned Mandarin Chinese last year). Start a company. Change jobs. Don’t worry about failure, just do it. Successful people fail all the time. Do something. Today. Tell me what it is below …. studies show if you write it, you feel more committed to it! Mine? I vow to learn to play chess this year and beat my 15 year old at least once. (Let me know what I should read, watch, etc. to reach this goal!)

Everything is theoretically impossible, until it is done. –Robert Heinlein

Happy New Year – here’s a great video from our former neighbor/astronaut Chris Hadfield. Memorize it:


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