Is Your Culture Contagious?

Your organization’s culture is contagious.   It isn’t something that you can just teach in a class, explain on a poster, or identify during the hiring process.   Culture develops and evolves on a daily basis and is a living breathing part of how your organization does business.  Your culture is determined and defined by words, actions, and priorities.  It’s an important issue and one that requires an organizational-wide commitment to defining, understanding, and supporting.

That said it’s also important to sometimes take a step back and laugh at the things that can be a source of so much pain and frustration. With that in mind, I went to the web looking for a fun video that I could feature while hosting #ICMIchat a few weeks ago.  It was through that search that I discovered this video on culture by the team at Vooza.

I enjoyed it so much that I took some time this week to connect with Matt Ruby, Stand-Up Comedian and Creator of Vooza to learn more about what they do.  Here’s what he had to say:

Your video points out some real cultural problems for many organizations.  Why do you think so many organizations struggle in creating a positive culture?

MR: Because businesses are set up to make money, not to create a warm environment for humanity. Also, we try to pretend that all these random people who have nothing in common actually want to hang out with each other when they would never do so if they didn't happen to collect a paycheck from the same place.

How would you describe the real culture at Vooza?  What kind of emphasis do you put on providing great customer experiences?

MR: For the people I work with, I hope there's a scenario of freedom and trust and do your job and the rest of your life is up to you. We mostly work with people on a contractor basis so I realize they've got other stuff going on in their lives.

I always try to make sure customers are happy with what we sell them. That way they'll come back for more. Usually this is mostly about communication (I try to explain everything at each step of the process) and setting up expectations correctly.  

How does Vooza help other organizations?

We help people in a serious world show they have a sense of humor. The tech world is filled with pretentious people who take themselves too seriously so I think we help folks set themselves apart from that.


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