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The Mobile Customer Experience of Dreams:If You Built it, They Will Come

Are you sick of hearing about mobile yet? It seems like it’s all anyone can talk about these days. You probably say to yourself, “We are on top of mobile; at least as much as we need to be for now.” Maybe you have an app, or at least one in development - you aren’t worried. But, what if someone told you that you should be worried? What if someone told you that consumers, as a whole, are vastly unhappy with the state of mobile customer service? Would that make you listen?

In October 2013, Contact Solutions conducted independent research polling more than 1,000 consumers regarding their mobile customer service experiences and perceptions. What did we find? Consumers are facing problems with mobile customer service that are strikingly similar to the issues they have complained about for years - it takes too long to solve problems; information has to be constantly repeated, and there is often a language barrier with agents that leads to increased frustration. According to the survey results, the top five consumer responses by category include:

  1. Changing Channels: Shopping and communication channels have changed with apps and mobile adoption but customer care isn’t keeping up.
  2. Listen to the People: Consumers are clear on what features they want with customer care and they all point to a mobile opportunity.
  3. Old Habits Die Hard: Having problems solved via a live agent at a 1-800 number is deeply engrained in the consumer’s behavior pattern but they really just want their problem solved.
  4. Show Me the Security: Mobile security is on consumer’s minds. Enterprises must address this.
  5. Customer Service Matters: Consumers repeatedly report that customer service has a major impact on their willingness to do business with a company in the future.

In addition to the age-old problems faced by consumers, the survey uncovered a new problem: consumers feel that they cannot easily solve their problems on the go because there is a fractured experience in mobile customer care. However, according to the results, 73 percent of respondents said they would use a customer service app on their phone if it gave them the ability to engage in chat with a live-person on their own time. This reiterates that consumers want a seamless mobile care experience, they just aren’t getting it.

If approached correctly, mobile customer care allows an enterprise to seamlessly offer the unfractured, mobile customer care experience consumers want so badly. What steps can you make today toward creating that experience?

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