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My 2015 New Year's Resolutions

Every year at this time I make resolutions that are all about me…resolve to lose a few pounds, resolve to play more and work less, resolve to exercise more regularly, etc.  This year, I elected to target my resolutions on helping others, especially those I serve.  Here are my ten resolutions for 2015.

1. Help my customers become the world’s smartest buyers by hardwiring learning into every customer’s encounter and becoming my customers’ key source for valuable market information.

2. Learn as much about my customers’ hopes and aspirations as I do about their needs and expectations by asking questions that help my customers problem solve, not just report or respond.

3. Create access to my organization that says I care about customer communication.  Make it super easy for my customers to reach me any time and any way.  If the Publisher’s Prize Patrol were calling me about my check, I sure wouldn’t put them into my voice mail!

4. Stay in touch with my customers through follow up in person, by phone and e-mail always with a personal (“Thought you’d enjoy page three”) type note.

5. Let my customers customize my processes by building my systems and procedures around what works for them, not just what’s beneficial to me.

6. Make every part of my customers’ experience totally consistent with how I  want my organization to be remembered.  I know DisneyWorld doesn’t do “partial” magic; they try to make magical everything from the parking lot to the attractions.  I want to follow that same example.

7. Never stop learning from my customers about ways I can improve by pleading for face-to-face candor and then thanking my clients for what they teach me.

8. Never, ever break a promise or commitment.  Keep it or renegotiate it early.

9. When I make a mistake, acknowledge it quickly, honestly and with a sincere apology.  Then, make service recovery something my customers tell others about.

10. Remember that great service to my customers starts with great service between my associates.  I want to known for zero silos, awesome handoffs, seamless systems and colleagues who enjoy serving each other as much as serving customers.

Perhaps these resolutions will benefit you in what you pledge for 2015. 

What's on your list of resolutions for the coming year?  Share them in the comments below!