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Metrics that Matter: Use the Right Tools to Measure

It’s hard to imagine, but the days of reading from a printed script and keeping track of all calls with a pen and a paper where not so long ago. When call center agents were monitored by a physical person manually hard wired into their line. These types of inefficiencies have been experienced by nearly every call center, but luckily we have come a long way in a short amount of time. Performance management software has now become the driving force on the call center floor. It is no longer a question of whether we are using tools to measure our floor’s performance, but what kind of tools and what metrics are you looking at. As Peter Drucker once stated “What gets measured gets done. Make sure you are measuring the right things!” The environment in which we manage our call centers today is as complex as it has ever been. Battling increasing regulation, costs and turnover, while trying to increase sales and the overall customer experience has left many lost on where to even begin. As Peter articulated, the things we measure typically are what we drive. More than ever, it is imperative that you are measuring the right metrics, not just those that are readily available or are easy to track.

Several years ago, I was building a home with a contractor that was producing 5 to 6 houses a month with a small team. At the same time, my father began to build a home with a builder completing just two houses a year. My parents chose a builder that made big, beautiful, expensive homes with meticulous detail. By the time my home was finished and I had lived in it for over a year, my parents home was just being completed. I soon realized that even though my house was done quickly and in a cost effective manner, it didn’t hold its value. It checked the box for efficiency and cost, but fell far short in terms of quality. I ended up selling my house a few years later for slightly less than I bought it for. My parents lived in their beautiful home for several years and when they eventually decided to sell, they walked away with a large profit.

So, how does home construction have anything to do with call centers and measuring metrics? Simple, in any scenario, you can’t measure success if you aren’t including all the relevant pieces to the equation. With each system we use today (phone, CRM, quality monitoring, etc.) offering massive amounts of information, we often fall back on the metrics that are the easiest to access and track. Consequently, we often praise our agents for positive performance around one piece of the equation, like being efficient, while that same agent’s sales and quality performance is struggling and hurting the company. This scenario is all too common in today’s call center and stems from a lack of knowledge and visibility into what metrics really matter.

inView is a real-time performance management dashboard that has finally solved the ongoing problem of limited visibility into the necessary metrics that drive the organization’s goals. Developed exclusively for call centers, inView has the ability to automatically pull data together from all disparate systems being used, while offering the call center full customizability in creating any metrics as defined by them. Gaining visibility into all necessary metrics finally allows call centers the ability to accurately assess their company’s performance and, more importantly, act on that information as it occurs. Additionally, inView enables organizations to accurately identify their top agents and reward that behavior while pinpointing those who are struggling and ensure they are given the necessary coaching they need to improve. Whether you are using two systems or twenty, inView provides critical visibility to all metrics in one centralized dashboard, allowing managers the ability to finally track, measure and drive what matters. Empower and engage agents to own their performance with inView.

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