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Dump the Ugly House: Modernizing your Contact Center

We’ve all seen houses that are an ad-hoc conglomeration of additions, each section constructed at the whim of previous owners. These structures are fodder for the “We Buy Ugly Houses” investors.

How in the world does this relate to your contact center? Well, you probably haven’t been managing your contact center since its inception, so you likely walked into a contact center infrastructure that bears a marked resemblance to some of those ugly-house buildings.

Perhaps once upon a time there was a solid foundation at the core of your contact center, and then your predecessor(s) added a point solution to handle email. Next, your company suddenly decided the contact center should support web chat – and it should have been done yesterday. Another point solution comes marching in.

More demands pour in.  You’re asked to add support for SMS and video. Oh, and by the way, make sure your agent knows if a caller has previously emailed and engaged in web chat.

You’re finding it hard enough to keep each of those point solutions working, let alone interconnect them. What do you do about it?

At some point it simply makes sense to acknowledge the baby is ugly.

You could try to make the best of a bad situation, exerting a valiant effort to connect all the disparate components in a coherent fashion. Sleepless nights guaranteed.

Or, you could take a step back and ask yourself whether the best decision could be to build afresh a contact center where all the components are already integrated, where you’re able to provide a seamless customer experience regardless of how your customers contact you.

Imagine a scenario where it’s easy to add a new channel to your contact center, without suffering the pain of trying to integrate it with the existing components of your solution. 

Envision a contact center where an agent greets each customer with knowledge of all prior communications - regardless of which channels were used. No re-explaining or history lesson from the customer is needed. You’ll shave minutes off each contact, while customer satisfaction skyrockets.

Think of a scenario where back office fulfillment is also managed and tracked, so you KNOW that all of the customer’s needs have been met.

See how easily you can proactively reach out to customers and prospects – via phone, email, SMS – with information they want and need.

Visualize having a Workforce Optimization solution that enables you to manage, schedule, and report on agent activities across your enterprise - one that helps you meet service levels across all channels, without the expense of overstaffing.

Picture a reporting and analytics platform that spans all customer touch points and all agent activities, allowing you to immediately identify and rectify any problem areas.

Genesys can help. Discover how to move from an “ugly house” contact center into a new SIP-based, future-proof contact center that delivers upon all this and more. Sign up for our webinar, “5 Steps to Future Proofing Your Contact Center” where you’ll learn how to get started.

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