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Do you have a fax machine in your cave?

Note from the editor:  How easy (or difficult) is it for your customers to reach you? This tip from Dayna Steele is a good reminder to us all. Is it time to update your processes or technology?  Today's customers want an effortless experience.  Join us at Contact Center Expo and Conference as keynote speaker Matt Dixon explains how to take the effort out of the customer experience and drive loyalty.

Do you still use a fax machine? Stop it. Stop it now. Fax-MachineFrom Some slow-moving businesses and government agencies may not accept documents over email, forcing you to fax them in. Don’t be the antiquated company or entrepreneur still using this technology – technology that was invented before Internet use became worldwide. We haven’t had a fax machine for over three years. You really don’t need it. You want to appear forward thinking, right?  If you must fax, at least get rid of the machine and see The Best Internet Fax Services from PC Magazine.

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