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Can you spare some change?

Change is in the air. Change has always been in the air – that’s called progress. I spoke to a group of business owners yesterday about change, specifically about the fact that they don’t control it, the customer does.

Change is all about keeping up with what the customer wants and how they want it. Here are five ways to recognize coming changes:

  • Listen to your customers and your employees
  • Engage in a conversation about your business with customers and employees
  • Empower your employees to do what it takes to work with customers and make them happy
  • Continue to innovate and try new things
  • WOW the customer every time with anything you can

I’d bet the cable companies will be one of the next behemoths to go mainly because they are not listening to their customers. In fact, we cut the cable cord three days ago and haven’t missed it yet. We can find everything we need to watch and listen to online. Read: HBO Go-Ing Away From Cable, Will Stand on Its Own.

What will you change today?

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