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But It's Your Job...

Git-r-done (thanks Larry the Cable Guy) and go the extra mile are actions successful people take almost subconsciously every day in every thing they do. When you see something that needs to be done, do it and do it good. A resort worker knew a little girl had lost her stuffed toy and blanket during a family vacation. When La Torretta Lake Resort & Spa employee Christina Cooper ran across the items weeks later, she could have just ignored them. She didn’t. The employee could have dropped them in an envelope and mailed the beloved items. Nope, she didn’t do that either. What she did do was write the little girl a note from the lamb and then mailed the package to the family.

See the ABC-Houston story and the girl’s priceless reaction.

The extra mile is usually a lonely place to be but the place to be if you want to succeed,

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