"A Little Less Conversation, A Little More Action"--A Charge to the ICMI Community

If you didn’t make it to Chicago this week, you missed a thing or two.

For starters, the excitement and passion from everyone at this week’s Contact Center Demo and Conference at Chicago’s Hyatt Regency was incredible.  I thrive on that type of high energy environment, so if you were there and spotted me, I was probably grinning from ear to ear. I know that this was also the case for our attendees and exhibitors, as the event app and our social feeds were exploding with updates on all of the amazing things that people were experiencing. Everyone spent a lot of time talking about and sharing challenges, ideas, and perspectives on our future.  There was a lot of conversation on what should, can, or could be done to drive our businesses forward.

Monday kicked off with a mixture of site tours, workshops, and a Peers and Beers networking reception.  It was a homecoming of sorts for many familiar faces in the ICMI community, but it was also an introduction for so many newcomers, both to contact centers and an ICMI event.  This reminded me that our industry is so incredibly vast!  I know that it’s easy to sometimes feel as if you’re alone in what you do, but this week was a great reminder of one very important thing: You Are Not Alone! The ICMI community is alive and thriving every moment of every day of every year.  At the event alone, attendees were supported by hundreds of practitioners, vendors, and industry experts. Within ICMI's greater community, there are thousands of individuals just like you who are actively visiting our websites, utilizing our training, and attending our events.  Everyone single one of them is unified in their pursuit of industry best practices, emerging trends, and the tools and resources necessary to lead an efficient contact center that provides an effortless customer experience.

Fast forward to Wednesday morning, and I had the privilege to open for our keynote speaker, Kirk Weisler. During my address, I put a challenge out to the ICMI community: The time has come for us to spend a little less time talking about what we want or need to do and a little more time putting things into action. It’s about spending less time getting lost in reports and more time walking the contact center floor.  Less time glued to a meeting room chair and more time putting concepts into practice. For each of you this will look a little bit differently, but right now you should be asking yourself one question:

"What, right now, will you do to shape the future of your contact center?"

From this moment forward, you have a choice. A choice to fall back into your old habits, your old routines, and succumb to the very problems you’re looking to change.  Or, you do something different.

You attempt a new solution, involve a different group of thinkers, or seek insight from a connection you have within the industry. Whatever the case may be, the future is in your hands.

I closed by saying, "If we don't intentionally do the right things, we unintentionally do the wrong things." I want to help you be intentional about doing the right things.  ICMI is here to guide you on how to be intentional about the right things.  There is an entire community that can support you in being intentional about doing the right things.  All you need to do is ask.


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