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Write Better Chat to Customers: Real World Examples

Trying to coach or train customer service agents to write high-quality live chat to customers? Our Call Center Demo and Conference Speaker of the Week, Leslie O’Flahavan has some great advice to share!

What better to train than by example? Show your agents works and what doesn’t in real chat transcripts from companies including Nordstrom, Comcast, Zappos, and Earthlink. Leslie has compiled some examples and included her comments on each transcript, so you’ll learn about the quality of the writing, the agent’s tone, and strategies that lead to first contact resolution.

And you can download the transcripts here for free!

Here’s how to use these chat transcripts:

  • Learn how to greet customers, ask probing questions, integrate templates and free text, and manage delays
  • Read them before launching live chat in your contact center to learn what works and what doesn’t
  • Compare the quality of your contact center’s chat service to that of big-name companies

Download this whitepaper and see which companies connect with customers in chat, which ones don’t, and why.

Want more advice on training and hiring agents for chat?  Be sure to attend session 401 at Call Center Demo and Conference: A Whole New Set of Writing Skills: How to Train Phone E-Mail Agents to Chat with Customer.

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Zoey Richardson — 3:32AM on Apr 10, 2014

Great article! Talking about live chat, I accidentally came across inside, and after looking through their site, it morphs a business website into a virtual storefront so business personnel can see and help their site visitors in real-time using chat.