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The 20 Days of Christmas

Whether you are a solopreneur or the manager of a worldwide customer service call center, make sure you are prepared for holiday customer service. These submitted tips from the call center gurus at CorvisaCloud will ensure excellent customer care this holiday season!

Get Your Reindeer Ready:  Make sure all your employees are clear on your company year-end goals. The biggest mistake a leader can make is to assume all employees understand company goals without ever clearly stating them.

Be Jolly by Golly: A large majority of consumers dread calling customer service. Try smiling while you’re on the phone – as cheesy as it sounds, people can “hear” a smile over the phone.

Get on Santa’s Good List: Put yourself in your customer’s stockings. Keep in mind that a pleasant experience or kind word can suddenly turn a disgruntled or cranky customer into a loyal and satisfied fan.

Presents and Carols and Questions… Oh My!: Make sure your company is ready for this influx of calls and customer requests. It’s always best to be prepared – consider adding additional staff for busier times.

Spread the Holiday Cheer: Treat your employees the way you want them to treat your customers.

How you treat a customer leading up to Christmas will set the entire tone (and profit) for your business in 2014.

Ho. Ho. Ho!