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Meeting the Needs of the Evolving Customer

Does your customer base REALLY care about the communication channel options you give them? Do their personal preferences affect overall satisfaction, and more importantly,their loyalty? Do you need to know these nuances about your customers?

The answer is YES!

When ICMI and USAN surveyed the community earlier this year,  they reaffirmed that the customer is indeed evolving and that their demands are becoming louder. An overwhelming 93.4% of contact center respondents said they themselves would be more satisfied if they were able to connect with an organization in their favored method, be it social media, phone, live chat or some other manner.

Just as consumers have many channel options for customer support, they also have many brand options as customers. With the adoption of social media and mobile apps, organizations are feeling less loyalty from their customer base. In fact, only 25.2% of companies currently feel that their customers are extremely engaged with their brand.

But that’s not all! Almost half of the survey respondents (48.8%) would jump to a competitor if all variables were the same and the competitor offered customer service through their preferred channel.

We at ICMI appreciate that the customer is evolving, and that the relationship between companies and customers is changing in stride. That’s why we’re engaging the help of some of the best and the brightest to unveil new research, trade war stories, and share real-life successes.

Join us Wednesday 9.4 at 8pm ET as ICMI hosts the fifth TweetChat in a series leading up to Call Center Demo in Atlanta. We’ll be tackling the evolving customer, the customer experience, and the linkages from inside the contact center. We’ll share insight from our three most recent contact center community surveys – ‘Actionable Results: Using Big Data in the Contact Center’, ‘The Agent Experience in the Multichannel World’, and ‘Emerging Channels and Customer Engagement’. You’ll also hear insightful bantor from community leaders, practioners, and experts.

It’s a fast-paced and fun-filled hour with lots of useful information! Join us Wednesday at 8p at #CCDemo13. If you are unsure of how to participate in a TweetChat, then just tweet us at @callcentericmi and we’ll tell you how!

If you want to read up beforehand on some of the needs of the evolving customer, check out ICMI’s Six Best Practices for Optimizing Multichannel Customer Support help guide, or Extreme Engagement in the Multichannel Contact Center: Leveraging the Emerging Channels research report and best practices guide.

Tweet you Wednesday!