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Is Mobile Support REALLY Necessary?

Take a good look at that device in your hand. What did you do with it today? Did you check social media, play a game of Scrabble, text a friend, or contact customer service? And if you did reach out for support, did you do it through the web or from a smartphone app? Or did you have to actually use the device for what it was originally intended for and dial a number?

In a recent ICMI survey, 72% of respondants declared that mobile was a necessary customer service channel. 63% declared mobile to be a competitive differentiator, while 42% were afraid they would lose customers without mobile customer service options.

For those that have implemented a mobile customer service strategy, they proclaim the benefits of quicker response times, increased CSAT, greater customer loyalty, and higher FCR.


And while over half said customers get more value from mobile than they do from social, only 39% have implemented the former over 48% for the latter.

 So what gives? If mobile is so important to the brand and to the customer, why aren’t contact centers priroritizing it as a support channel? Some say that live support from a mobile device really isn’t necessary and that it just needs to be a glorified method of self-service. Others say that they aren’t ready to implement a mobile customer service strategy because the device and the options are evolving too quickly. And yet another group believes that mobile support is really only required for industries like travel and financial services.

There are a lot of opinions and a lot of great ideas. This Wednesday 9.11.13, ICMI will host the 6th TweetChat in a series leading up to Call Center Demo in Atlanta. Join us at 8p ET to participate in a lively discussion on where mobile customer support is today, and where it needs to be in 2014. ICMI will share insight from two of our 2013 research reports – A Mobile Customer Service Strategy and Extreme Engagement in the Multichannel Contact Center.

It’s a fast-paced and fun-filled hour with lots of useful information! Catch up with the mobile experts and thought leaders this Wednesday at 8p at #CCDemo13. If you are unsure of how to participate in a TweetChat, then just tweet us at @callcentericmi and we’ll tell you how!

If you want to read up beforehand on some of the needs of the mobile customer, check out ICMI’s Don’t Be Left Behind: Build a Mobile Customer Service Strategy for 2013 and Beyond whitepaper, or the Mobile Customer Service Marathon

Tweet you Wednesday!