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Charter Communications Launched a New Video Customer Service Center--Is it Going to Work?

Recently cable giant Charter Communications launched a website featuring Customer Service Tips videos, which include anything from what a Charter App is to how to self-install Charter TV. The idea behind the self-service videos is that customers can get help without calling in to Charter; they can go online and search what they need, then get video instruction for their specific problem. There are over 70 videos on the Charter Video Tips website—this is an ambitious launch into the self-serve customer experience, a growing trend in many industries. Is it going to work? Let’s dive in to the Pros and Cons of the ideal:

Pros for Self-Service Video Tips

  • The customer does not have to make a call and sit on hold until a customer care agent becomes available; hold time is zero.
  • The customer can search for their problem and solution within seconds, right at their fingertips, using a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop.
  • Customers can be more independent of their vendor if they find what they need online, and can feel more confident in the product and service they are being provided when the videos deliver what they were looking for.
  • Customers can gain a detailed understanding of many topics through human explanation and visual aid, versus just written instructions.

Cons for Self-Service Video Tips

  • Even though there are 70+ tips available, they are pretty broad topics and may not be enough to help a customer through a specific technical issue.
  • If a customer has an additional question, they would still need to call in and be placed in cue on hold.
  • While this is a more personal service versus an FAQ page or Community section, it still doesn’t replace the one-on-one interaction between live Customer Service or Tech Support and the customer.
  • Troubleshooting as a theme is not prevalent in these video tips. There are a few customers can take advantage of; but for problems customers will need to dial in.

So what can we conclude from the launch of a cable giant’s self-service video module? While there are pros and cons, there are specific customers this type of service will help. And anytime there is the notion of being able to help even one more customer, most companies would call that initiative a success. Plus, understanding that the more calls come in, the more documentation the customer agents take, the more videos will be made to help customers with their frequently asked questions.