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Updating Your Customer Access Strategy

A Customer Access Strategy is crucial to our business - the key between our contact center, our customers and how the two stay connected. As the market evolves to include new channels and technologies, our customers are evolving as well. But is the contact center? When was the last time you 'took a red pen' to your Customer Access Strategy, or re-evaluated how it fits in with how your customers are currently accessing your customer service?

The results of a recent ICMI Quick Poll reveal that most contact centers are, in fact, keeping tabs on their customer access strategies.

ICMI asked, "How often does your contact center update its customer access strategy?" and 19% replied that you update "Every three to six months" - which is great! The results for the remaining answers were pretty even-keeled: "At least once a year", "Every two to five years," and "We update it as needed" all received 19% of the vote. However, the majority by a slim margin at 23%, replied "We haven't updated it ever!"

ICMI wants to know WHY? What has kept you from updating your Customer Access Strategy? Or, what encourages you to keep it current? Share your thoughts with us here in the comments!

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