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Top-Ranked KPIs

Are you tracking KPIs in your contact center? Though Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) may vary per a center's needs, most will agree that measurements like Abandonment and Repeat Calls are important to track. However, there are still a few centers out that are NOT measuring these KPIs at all.

ICMI recently polled our audience regarding which standard KPIs they ranked as the most important. With 30% of total votes, "We think they're all important" came out on top, showing that most centers consistently measure a range of standard metrics to gauge how they're doing. "Call Abandonment Rate" ranked second with 25%, followed closely by "Repeat Calls" at 23%. Next, "Voice Quality of Service" earned 11% of total votes, and "Mean Time to Diagnose" and "Oops, we're not keeping track of any of these KPIs!" tied with 5% each. "Call Blockage Rate" came in last with 3% of the final tally.

In your experience, are these results surprising, or typical? What key performance indictors and metrics are important to your center? If you're among the centers not tracking the above KPIs, which ones are you tracking? Share your answers with us in the comments!