Standard Email Response Time

When it comes to standard email response times, your contact centers get it done in 24 hours or less! Earlier this month, ICMI asked about the standard email response time in your contact center. With 39% of the total votes, "24 hours" ranked number one. Responding within "12 to 24 hours" and "within 4 hours" tied for the second place spot with 20% and "within 12 hours" with 12% of the vote. And last, but certainly not least, 9% of you answered Immediately: Excellent!

So how does your contact center stack up when it comes to email response time? Are you replying within 24 hours... or is it longer than that? If so, are you still meeting your center's objectives and goals? Share with us in the comments!

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Jeff Toister — 3:45PM on Mar 22, 2012

Thanks for sharing these stats. I conducted a survey in 2011 that asked about expectations for email response times. The results are an interesting connection with your data. 6% said they expected a response within one hour while 25% expected a response within 4 hours or less. Clearly, 24 hours seems to be the minimum standard, but it's great to see so many contact centers doing better than that.

Here's a link to my survey results: