Seasonal Peak Times

In a recent Quick Poll, ICMI asked, "Does your contact center experience seasonal peak times?"

Nearly all of those who responded (90%) are experiencing seasonal peaks at least once a year. In fact, 57% replied that they see seasonal peaks at multiple times throughout the year. 17% said that their peak times occur at least twice a year, and 16% typically see only one peak season. The remaining 10% are steady all year long.

Stress and seasonal peaks have a tendency to go hand-in-hand, especially during the months of November and December. The holiday season tends to bring higher call volume, lower customer tolerance, and unexpected agent attrition and absenteeism. If your center is one of many suffering from these seasonal 'symptoms,' take heart: ICMI's recent webinar Do the Holidays Stress Out Your Contact Center? has several simple, yet effective, tips and strategies for solving the holiday stress issue. This complimentary webinar is now available on-demand - just in time for this holiday season!

If your contact center is among the majority that experiences seasonal peaks, ICMI wants to know when and how do you handle them? Does your contact center hire temporary reps during those times? Do you share staff with another department or organization with opposing peak times? Share your experiences with us here in the comments.


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