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Flexible Social Customer Care Platform, Visual Call Flow Builder, "Green" Virtual Server

Scalable Social Customer Care Platform

Social Dynamx has launched a purpose-built scalable social customer care platform. Designed for large enterprises and customer contact centers, the solution facilitates real-time one-on-one conversations and enables agents, supervisors and managers to work through a customized interface. The platform quickly matches agents with social media posts so customer issues can be solved in a timely manner. Service agents no longer have to "alt-tab" their way through disconnected applications or search "siloed" knowledgebase information for answers. Features of the Social Dynamx platform include:

  • Role-specific interface for agents, supervisors and managers
  • Automated prioritization and matching
  • SLA-driven analytics
  • Advanced conversation management
  • Enterprise-scale workflows across distributed teams
  • Continuous self-learning
  • Pre-built enterprise ecosystem integrations (CRM, Listening and Knowledge)

The platform also provides analytics and metrics geared for social customer service and social media teams.

Next-Gen Intuitive Visual Call Flow Builder

Indosoft Inc. has released the web-based Visual Call Flow Builder for the Q-Suite 5.7 ACD. The next-generation Builder is an intuitive visual modeling tool with a drag-and-drop framework for simplified call routing with Q-Suite and Asterisk. All IVR and call routing functions available within the contact center platform are represented by a series of custom colored graphical icons. The drag-and-drop framework enables users to create a dialplan by simply dragging and dropping icons both horizontally and vertically. A single dialplan can also be branched to other call flows or dialplans, for extensive flexibility in building any IVR application. A double-click action on any icon opens a dialog box guiding the user to build call flow actions and dialplan functions.

"Green" Virtual Server Solution

AmeriCall has announced that it is in the process of "virtualizing" its servers, enabling the company to run multiple servers on a single machine and reinforcing its effort to be eco-friendly. AmeriCall has created its own private cloud, enabling employees to telecommute securely (offering a positive environmental impact). The company has taken this technology one step further with the adaptation of virtual server technology to its network. In-house agents use devices known as "thin client machines" which use significantly less power than traditional computers.