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iPad CRM; Real-Time Management Software; Customer-Marketing Suite for Utility Firms

CRM Application for the iPad

CDC Software Corporation has released the Pivotal CRM application for the iPad, which enables users to access their customer relationship management information from any location. The new mobile application features a "highly-visual" personalized dashboard that includes charts, web pages and search result lists pertinent to each user. The application is also designed to display across the iPad’s entire screen, so users can take full advantage of the device’s capabilities. The CRM mobile application leverages the flexibility of the Pivotal Toolkit, allowing customers to mobilize their business applications and workflows or create their own iPad applications to meet their own specialized business requirements.
Pivotal CRM users can configure custom searches to gain instant access to job-relevant information, including: open opportunities forecasted to close in a given period, newly acquired accounts with a specified net value, or key company or contacts in a specific area. New data and updates are reflected instantly in the enterprise CRM database when the user is online. When a wireless connection is not available, users can still access any CRM data that was last synchronized to their device. The Pivotal CRM also includes full integration with Skype, LinkedIn, Facebook and Google Maps and is currently available now in the Apple App Store.

Suite Enables Real-Time Operations Management

The Altitude uCI 8, the latest release of Altitude Software's customer interaction management suite, is said to offer hundreds of new features focused on providing businesses with real-time operations-management insights, multimedia workflows, campaign optimization and unified social media interactions. The Suite gives contact center managers the ability to define appropriate KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and to receive real-time alerts and notifications if performance problems should occur. Intuitive campaign creation, replication and management are also included to analyze real time data, change segmentation and accelerate campaign returns. The uCI 8 allows contact centers to monitor and interact with social media such as Facebook and Twitter, using unified customer history, consistent business processes and skilled agents in multiple channels. It also automates business processes throughout the entire organization through a unified multimedia queue, which aggregates all customer-service interactions and activities, routing tasks and customer information to the appropriate agents or departments.

Customer Marketing Suite for Utility Firms

Ricoh Production Print Solutions LLC (Ricoh) has launched the Customer Marketing Suite for Utility Companies, said to be the industry’s first offering of behavior-based predictive models designed to optimize marketing budgets and improve customer communication. The Suite features a standardized set of algorithms that allows utility marketers to target customers who are most likely to respond to various marketing communications, created from customer data the company collect from development.
The Customer Marketing Suite for Utility Companies offers three types of predictive marketing solutions – Risk Solutions, Service Solutions and Customer Segmentation - that address key initiatives for utilities including: electronic adoption, renewable energy adoption, equal pay, usage, late pays and attrition. These models enable utility companies to reduce the amount of "offer fatigue" consumers often feel from their service providers. Predictive modeling gives marketers the ability to identify specific, receptive audiences and enables utility companies to develop campaigns that maximize results while optimizing their marketing budgets.