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ICMI's Call Center Cartoon Caption Contest: December 2012

The countdown to Christmas has begun! At ICMI, we know that Santa's Contact Center is run by his Elves and that there are two queues: Naughty and Nice.

In this month's cartoon, we're giving you a behind-the-scenes glimpse at what's going on up at the North Pole and asking for your captions to clue us in on the action. What could the Elves possibly be saying to the naughty (or nice!) customers? Maybe Santa has some particular instructions for his crew. And don't forget the leaderboards… what key metrics might be displayed? We'd love to see your suggested Santa Metrics!

(Be sure to review the official rules before you enter.)

ICMI is also quite pleased to announce that our cartoon caption champion for October is ...

Jackie Beck of Parallon Business Performance Group

Congrats, Jackie! And thank you for participating!

* * * * *

Will you be our next winner? ICMI's judges have narrowed down the Thanksgiving caption entries to our top 3 favorites, and we need your votes to help us select the winner. Here are the finalists:

1. That last caller really cooked my goose!
2. I told him to Google it, not Gobble it!
3. When you were hired by the temp agency for holiday help, did anyone tell you you'd be working for Butterball?

You can cast your vote for November by entering the finalist's number here in the comments, by tweeting it to me at @chammarb or sending me an email Finalist voting will close on Friday, December 28, so cast your votes early!

Christina Hammarberg is the former associate editor at ICMI.

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Marta Kelsey — 10:33AM on Dec 20, 2012

I sure hope this caller is from the nice queue!