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Achieving First-Contact Resolution and Quantifying Its Top Line Payoff

An overview of the ICMI webinar featuring John Goodman, Vice Chairman of TARP Worldwide and Tony Fassette, Vice President, SAP Business Communications.

If there’s one thing that the customer and the contact center can always agree on, it’s the expectation to have all of the customer’s needs satisfied within a single interaction.

Achieving First-Contact Resolution (FCR) is a critical – though seemingly impossible - goal for many contact centers. This webinar seeks to challenge your conventional knowledge of contact center processes and provide new approaches for analyzing contact handling, allocating quality resources and increasing the impact of your Voice of the Customer process.

Stop Fighting Fires, Start Creating a Positive Customer Experience

Is your contact center constantly fighting fires? If your team is often hustling to “rescue” agitated customers at the sound of the alarm, it may be time to take step back and take a look at the bigger picture. What sort of Customer Experience are you providing? And if your contact center is scrambling when a fire flares, how must your customers feel?

In this presentation, John Goodman addresses how contact centers often fall into “Firefighting Mode,” and stresses the importance of breaking out of it. Firefighting typically results in spending a significant amount of time and resources resolving issues that could have been avoided altogether.

Creating a positive Customer Experience ties in with building an Effective Voice of the Customer process. By simply listening to what our customers are saying and doing the “right job right” from their first interaction, the contact center can maximize customer satisfaction and loyalty, while minimizing escalated complaints, dissatisfaction and increased resolution time.

Build an Effective Voice of the Customer

Contact centers with strong VOC processes can provide measurable, quantifiable benefits to many other departments within the organization, including marketing and finance, risk and Human Resources. Further, an effective VOC will pinpoint the types of information agents need to effectively answer the more difficult calls.

Below are six foundational ideas for creating this Voice of the Customer process:

1. Staff doesn’t cause most customer dissatisfaction – Sales, products, processes and customers do
2. It is cheaper to give great service than just good service, the revenue payoff is 10-20 times the cost
3. An effective Voice of the Customer includes all kinds of data describing the overall customer experience
4. People are still paramount – Make the front line successful with flexibility and clear explanations
5. Deliver technology that customers will enjoy – delivering ‘Psychic Pizza’ via any channel
6. Sensibly create remarkable delight

So, why do sales, products, processes and customers cause dissatisfaction? What kinds of data describe the overall Customer Experience? What is ‘Psychic Pizza’? These ideas, along with tangible examples for how to build and cultivate them in your center, are presented during the webinar.

Access this webinar on-demand and you will also learn:

  • How to Fulfill Customer Expectations
  • Ways to Enhance your FCR Success
  • How to Quantify the Damage of a poor customer experience and address the root causes of customer dissatisfaction
  • The top ten marketing and service myths

The presentation also includes an audience Q&A session with John and Tony. And there's still time to submit your questions! (Please note that the Q&A feature is no longer live, and there will be a lag in receiving the answer to your question.)

Access Achieving First-Contact Resolution and Quantifying Its Top Line Payoff webinar, sponsored by SAP.

Christina Hammarberg is Associate Editor and Community Manager for ICMI. [email protected].

Christina Hammarberg is the former associate editor at ICMI.